495 deadlift

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  1. looks good man all i can say is focus on your form a tiiiny bit more so your lowback doesnt round like that, it will help your mid back do the brunt of the work (which is supposed to be doing the work) none the less good weight, good lift!

  2. Thanks everyone! I've only been doing deads since this past August and I'm always trying to improve. Seems almost impossible for me to keep my chest up when pulling this heavy. My back never hurts despite the way it rounded in this video. For all I know my form might have improved by now but I have no way of knowing unless I record myself again. And I haven't been doing as many heavy squats and deads as I used to.

  3. Great job. Like the previous post, Have that chest out from the get go. No strap is a plus. Keep it up. Try hitting some deads from the shins in a Cage rack to help with your sticking point. Should be able to use little more weight.

  4. Sick. Congrats man

  5. Good ish mayne..I been stuck at 495 for months this is where I plateau some bIg weight !



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