Thanks everyone for the help.

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  1. Thanks everyone for the help.


    I just wanted to let you you guys know that the contest went well and I took First place in my class. So it was all worth it.
    are a few more befores and afters, thanks everyone for you time, and support guys. You have all been great and encouraging.

    I started my cut on Febuary first and the last ones are from today.
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  2. holy shyte! Well Done mate - Awesome results!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    holy shyte! Well Done mate - Awesome results!
    x 2 !!!
    PHF Rep

  4. congrats! you look great man

  5. hi like to tell us your supplements you used and training programme


  6. CONGRATS! Outstanding job!

  7. Great work and excellent results! Your hard work and effort are easily visible!

  8. awesome awesome awesome work...Very impressed.

  9. Just wow....Good freakin job, congrates.

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    Now how do I stop eating.ha

  11. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    hi like to tell us your supplements you used and training programme

    I'll add to that, how about your diet, care to share any secrets or tips.
    PHF Rep

  12. fark me thats sick

  13. holy sh!ttt!!! my hat is off to you. That is incredible transformation. Congratulations!!!!

  14. Man I am a fukkin loser. Your cut is straight amazing and shows me that it can be done if I would get my diet right.

    Congrats on winning the show. Hard work has paid off!

  15. What a transformation you made! Now it's time for a size surge!

  16. exactly what I was thinking.ha

    Quote Originally Posted by REEVESDIESEL View Post
    What a transformation you made! Now it's time for a size surge!

  17. Thanks guys for all the responses its been fun for sure, but im going to try to lean bulk now.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mrutah View Post
    exactly what I was thinking.ha
    I'm on week 2, it's a great one.

  19. 1st PLACE!!!

    Wow man - congrats bro. You look great!

  20. congrats bro! Thanks for to the motivation, did you log your workout/diet?

  21. way to be man, thats sick! i cant believe you didnt have loose skin to be honest
  22. Thumbs up


    Definitely double

  23. hey guys sorry to bug you again, I was wondering after the show I ate a TON of trash, then sunday i ate pretty good but at dinner ate a TON more trash, then monday I ate good all day but my family made me a dinner so i ate a TON more trash food.ha
    So I guess I was wondering is the giggly stuff I got going on in my stomach fat or is it just water? I mean I haven't been binging every meal ever since the contest just a meal a day for three days then I got back on track. I just hope its not fat I can barely see the outline of my top 4 abs and I seem to have a lot of giggles in the lower half but it giggles in the upper half also, if its water how long does it take to get rid of it and is there anything I can do. I sure hope its not all fat.

  24. Your just bloated. Don't worry about it? Hey, did you get the ebook?

  25. you look good. Losing that much weight, that fast, seems borderline unhealthy. you look good.


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