Thanks everyone for the help.

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  1. What was your starting and ending weight??

  2. 240 to 170
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    What was your starting and ending weight??

  3. Any outlines on your cut? What kind of program did you follow?

  4. wow what supps did you use for this cause WOW thats amazing.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hog928 View Post
    wow what supps did you use for this cause WOW thats amazing.
    Congrats on the AMAZING cut!!

    What kind of diet plan did you use?

    Were any anabolics used during this cut? ( not in any way trying to take away from the amazing amount of effort and discipline you showed us.I'm just curious of all the tools used on such a successfull cut. Again, good job man!)

  6. I have never seen vascularity like that in my entire life... Damn I wish I had that

  7. bump how did you do this diet supps aas ect??

  8. look likes your made out of granite, good job man whish I could get shredded like that

  9. Thanks guys for all the comments, sorry I haven't gotten back on sooner. I am sorta ashamed I put all this work towards the cut last year to compete and now im bulking and I don't look near as ripped if you had seen my other pic I am currently bulking I will post that one as well because I want everyones opinion on if you think im doing a better job at keeping it clean this year. im sure you guys know the situation you can't work on your flaws in lack of mass without putting on weight in the process muscle with some fat.
    Anyways I just wanted to answer some of the questions that had came up.
    I used eca stack all the way during the cut. at the end I added in designer supplements lean xtreme. as far as vascularity I used no shotgun and gaspari plasmajet on the days of pictures, I always took pics on saturdays because those are the days I took my measurements bodyfat and tried out various products to see what I wanted to use on contest day, no anabolics during this cut.
    as far as diet I kept it simple I used a very basic carb cycling diet. I would eat 240 grams of protein 160 carbs and 45 grams of fat daily broken up into 6 meals. every 4th day I would eat 230 grams of carbs 200 grams protein and same amount of fat. Cardio would consist of 2 days a week of hitt and all the rest of the days I would do moderate intensity training for 40 minute sessions. If I hit wednesday or thursday and hadent at least droped a pound I would add an extra cardio session at night for another 20 minutes.

    Any other questions just let me know.

    Again the pics at the bottom are of my current bulk im trying to keep it lean but I needed to get mass in some areas in perticular my traps. So thats what im currently working on and I would love some feedback to see if you guys are thinking im doing it right. Its just tough because I worked so hard during my last cut, but now I need to gain some mass. But I have a pretty good Idea on how to get back there. Thanks for your input.
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  10. you look so much bigger how long have you been bulking now and what are you using for this bulk?


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