pics of me

  1. pics of me

    sup guys been working our for about a good 6 months straight. here are some pics of me wanted your guys in put on what i should focus on in the next few months. hope i uploaded them right. by the way im 6'6 215-220 keep bouncing between
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  2. Lean and a large frame so to increase the appearance of being bigger I would work on triceps and back width if you're focusing on just a body part or two.

  3. alright thanks ya hit it right on the nose there i am going for the large frame look since im so freaking tall at 6'6. thats what im looking for thanks.

  4. I would try and bring out your lats a lot more, it would make you look monsterous!

    but good work so far, lots of solid definition!

  5. Good job man...Looking thick for 6'6

  6. thanks guy really appreciate this info so far seems like working on my back is gonna be a main thing for what im trying to achieve


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