Test/dbol Cycle (Before/After pics)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by leanbody View Post
    U think u might go with the tren? maybe stack it with test? Hmmmm

    i hear you about the stubborn fat - suks - altho I must say it doesn't show up in your pics. I am on a bulk now and i have some belly roll and love handles that just get bigger when i gain weight. I gained about 25lbs in 2 months so hoping that only 25% or less is fat - if so it's all around my waist! Makes liposuction look attractive! hahahaha Anyways looks like you are in a great place going forward for more lean gains.

    props bro!

    definately running test with the tren

    i have looked into liposuction actually. theres a procedure called "liposculpture" were ur completely awake and they use local anaesthesia and they stick a tiny tube thing under ur skin and it scrapes away fat and sucks it out. its pretty sweet. but theres so many different diets i will try before i ever go that route

  2. ^^^^ Okay - see if you can get a 2 for one deal on the lipo- I'm in! hahahaha You ever tried the CKD diet - it's like Atkins on steriods. it's really rigorous but really works on fat burning.

  3. sweet

  4. current pics located here. page 11

    ~~test prop...tren ace...nuff said~~

  5. Nice job!!! Pics look great, I just hope mine turns out as good at the end of this cycle.

  6. Keep it up, i see good muscles, hard work pay off. 10/10

  7. Arms Def got bigger...

  8. I wish everyone was like you...put up before and after cycle pics....BTW good results man lookin thicker n a bit leaner too

  9. arms got bigger, thats your strong point, lat width looks better too. Work on middle back, legs. not knocking you but 8 pounds is a little low considering people do that on hdrol, epi in shorter periods of time, but you look leaner and most who gain on hdrol dont look leaner so im a little torn. Next cycle train weak points much more than strong points, you can and will have big arms year round.

  10. 500 pound shrugs are great, if it was controlled,no wraps, no shaking, and your shoulders damn near touched the ears, without any of the rest of your body moving. Form before weight anyday
    Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    i agree, i definitely wasnt at a weight i wanted to be at before i started. but i had the knowledge and my mind was set.

    i really think that years of treatment with cortico-steroids (prednisone...fuking evil drug) caused me to retain fat/bloat in my midsection and love handles....its notorious for that and also facial bloat (but that subsides). lowest bf% ive been is 8% and i still had belly fat and love handles. genetics + years of prednisone (not continuous) = hard-to-rid belly/ love handle fat.

    i "tried" to eat clean on cycle, but i was just set on putting on weight. now, a couple days after PCT, i feel great and havent lost weight. i also look leaner....meaning i probably dropped some water.

    and yes, 500lb BB shugs are correct. i was getting 8 reps on cycle, i can only get 5-6 now. i have to say that it is my best lift.

    as for prop/tren, i know the risk/benefits and all that jazz

  11. looks good bro!!!!! solid stuff....back looks alot better!!!!

  12. nice man i have been planning on a test/dbol or test/something cycle sometime this summer. nice work though man!

  13. lol.. This thread was started in 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger
    The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you..
    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  14. Sorry for posting in old thread but to the OP:
    gains were not impressive at all,(were there any gains at all?),dunno how anyone could have claimed otherwise.

  15. Now cut, get yourself to ~9% bodyfat

  16. big difference in the chest and arms.. a little bigger and you could go for less weight and more reps
    gotta do 1 more.. and then 1 more..

  17. back for sure man, good ****. Lucky your not prone to any of the that crap. Wish I was so lucky...

  18. Hello, first of all im sorry to bump a 2008 thread but had the urge to come and whine :/

    I was looking at before/after pics of test+dbol cycle on google and came up with this thread. I only see one comparison picture so sorry if theres actual progress on others (thay maybe arent visible anymore).

    Jesus, you waste your money and damage your health for those retarded gains? Theres not even difference between before and after, did you even lifted before using gear??? That body looks like somebody whos been in the gym for 4 months, i dont see how people can say these are good gains, it has to be the most pathetic before/after ive seen on internet. You represent the stupidness of kids who see steroids as "the easy way"

    I would tell you "Man go away from steroids and come back when you have been lifting heavy for at least 4 or 5 years" i hope that by now youve learned your lesson.

  19. Could probably have just kept that to yourself. I don't disagree not completely anyways, but it's 5 years old, most of these members aren't active. There are plenty of recent threads that this rant applied to. One earlier today even.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by greekgeorge View Post
    500 pound shrugs are great, if it was controlled,no wraps, no shaking, and your shoulders damn near touched the ears, without any of the rest of your body moving. Form before weight anyday
    No wraps? Why? Why would I want my grip strength to limit an exercise done for traps? That's just FOOLISH!!!

  21. What was your liver support for dbol

  22. love the back and shoulders. For chest, do all three benches twice a week.
    I had a similar problem for chest and I kept abusing it until it started to show
    Suffer the pain of Discipline OR suffer the pain of Regret

    Hit that Iron !


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