3Months Have passed

  1. 3Months Have passed

    Video - Flexing ^_^

    Bb show in March Prepping In may of 2008 was 161
    Weighed in today at 180.

    Tell me what ya think, Go Big Go Home!


    8-17-08 With food in the stomache

  2. Lookin good man. Nice increase in fullness in delts and chest.

  3. Thnx brosef. Still 2 weeks left of Epistane 50mg Cycle

  4. great progress for only 3 months man!

    you gonna post some more pics at the end of the epi cycle??

  5. Yes sir, Epi ends in like 8days, Havent Done any cardio love it abs shine thru without it.

  6. http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2urwf7q&s=4

    Updated video 7 Months prior to showtime Last video was 8 months.

  7. great job! +1 on the delts...
  8. Arrow

    New pictures

    5 Week Progress Stacked With Epistane by I.B.E. and N.o. Monster by collussal Labs.

    Followed a 4100 Cal diet.
    Prop'd up from 161-182 At my highest.
    Went from 10mg first day 20mg for a week
    30mg for week 2
    40mg for week 3
    50mg for week 4
    60mg for a week and a half. <--- Sickest Pumps and Strength + Size Increase.

    No sides besides minor irritibility and 3 pimples on the face.
    Sex Drive increased @ 40mg. 50/60.... Sex Drive unlike something i've ever experienced.

    First Cycle Come 8 weeks Here we go again.
    May 08- Right out of School Obviously drinking + lifting makes you a *****.

    5 Weeks Prior 7-20-08

  9. nice dude

  10. http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2vl7i36&s=4 New video getting bigger and bigger!

  11. You have the dedication and love for it it seems. Just keep working at it.
    Also, i suggest you work on posing drastically, especially with a show in your future. I had to be rude but i love to be honest, it sucks. Your angles are off bad.

    Good luck in your future.

  12. Thanks bro and ya lol it's just to show progression mostly, nothing for the big boy league yet, thanks for the honesty.


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