Great Colognes that Females Love!?!?

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  1. IMO abercrombie Fierce is the best
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  2. 1 allure sport
    2 adercrombie fierce

  3. I got one better than any ****ing cologne out there, a small shot of perfume on ur neck. That lets the bitches know you just had one all over ya and you become even more tempting, very small amount though

  4. Fromunda
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  5. John Varvatos although hard to find... I order mine online.
    Burberry (original)
    Cool Water
    Double Black Polo

  6. NICE. I'm looking to attract the females not make them think I got some weird

  7. Angel/m
    B Angel
    Xeryus rouge by Givenchy women love this cologne.
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  8. Kenneth Cole - Black

  9. Horse Piss. Kidding Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce seems to get em.
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  10. My wife bought me Kenneth Cole Vintage Black and Burberry Brit for my bday last weekend. I love both of them.

    However, they still don't get nearly the number of compliments as my YSL L'Homme.
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  11. Time for some Updates

  12. Subd

    Axcite by ax bitches love it but u have to be close like watch movie or ****
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  13. Gonna have to try some of these suggestions. I think I'll start with the horse piss if I can corner one at the local farm.

  14. Burberry Brit
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  15. Burberry summer
    BOD blue musk

  16. Ripped Abs is a pretty decent scent as well

  17. hugo boss yo sh!t smells good as hell lol

  18. Halston z-14 was apparantly a panty dropper back in the day (tip for all those guys lookin to hit up a cougar)

  19. Hittin up the outlet soon, need to check out some new fragrances. Any tips?

  20. Skirts love Curve.

    Perry Ellis 360 Red is another solid choice if you're going somewhere nice.

    Smells like Black Tie Event

  21. I've always found the lady's enjoy "Sex Panther" it's provocative! It makes them HOT!!

  22. In.
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  23. Get yourself some Hai Karate and youll have to fight to keep the women off

  24. gotta get that swagger cologne

  25. Lolita lempika for men


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