Great Colognes that Females Love!?!?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ARJRCOX View Post
    Kenneth Cole Black
    just finished a bottle of K Cole Signature...pretty nice. several compliments

  2. x2 for Kenneth Cole black!! also "be delicious" by dkny is pretty good as well

  3. Put me down for American Eagle Live in the blue bottle. My wife LOVES it.
    Remember why you started.

  4. Looking for some serious panty dropper colognes!

  5. If you can afford it: Green Irish Tweed.

    If you can't: Cool Water

    If you really can't: Axe

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jmiyamoto View Post
    If you can afford it: Green Irish Tweed.

    If you can't: Cool Water

    If you really can't: Axe
    Have you tried any other Creed brand colognes?

  7. Yeah (Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water), but women seem to love GIT above anything else.



    AND ABOVE ALL!!! Jean Paul gautier

  9. chanel bleu

  10. Calvin Klein Euphoria. Works every time

  11. All the black people I know swear up and down by juke....

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    "if there's one thing women love, it's a vascular man" - stewie griffin

  13. I just fart. Bitches love it

  14. Jean Paul Gaultier
    Current stack/cycle: PWO: CATALYST / INTRA: Amino Beyond / Protein: Optimum Gold Standard.


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