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  1. anabeta log with other stuff

    So this is my first log, please let me know if it needs anything since i have never done one.
    Im only doing a log because Im waiting to start a new/first awesome job in spetember and i need to do something to pass my time.

    So current diet -Layne nortons ultimate cut diet but eating a little more calories and way more cardio just to pass time as stated before.
    Training-trying fst7 because of the volume being so high and the split being five days, this will help keep me out of trouble until september.

    So current stack DAA Dermacrine,ghrp6, erase and recently anabeta. een on dermacrine 6.5 weeks now and going ten. So the annabeta test is going to be how well does it perform in pct after bottle 1 and what does it add to my cycle.

    ZMA-bed, I dont buy into it being in anyway hormonal but I need a sleep aid since my old one will cause drug screen failures.
    Side notes
    DAA- I have used many types and now using testforce 2, as usual feels like worthless powder, no libido change period, no extra edge with dermacrine. i know because I have ran derm solo before.

    Erase-into bottle 2 and 3 a day seems just ok, I kind of want to try four. At three Im mildly dryer, libido is higher, elbows crack here and there.

    Dermacrine transdermal-Dissapointed/sort of. Agression has been noticeable. Libido is strange Wood is there always but my desire to do anything with it was zero!. not until I went to three a day with erase and added in anabeta for one week so far. Dermacrine has helped my strength im up 4 pounds and down 1.5% in bodyfat. currently sitting at nine %. Dermacrine has made me more hungry to.

    anabeta-Been on a week, instantly made me more aggressive, im prone to acne and had it really under control and i started to break out, but its currently under control. noticed a slightly better pump, and overall well being increase.

    Diet in detail. 2300 hundred calories, for 6 days than one refeed around 3000 on day 7 since you refeed once every seven days according to layne norton once under 10%.

    Most carbs come from black beans, pro from chicken and fat from beefs, I only use one during workout shake with dextrose or honey.
    pro is 260 fat is 76- though I sometimes fall short and carbs are 143

    Cardio- Daily -350calories burns on training days and 400 on non.

    Cheat day- one is planned for september 1st post my physical and drug screen.
    Pics I have some taken from about ten days ago when Im a few weeks into dermacrine, DAA, Erase, i can post them this week. I will take more pre sept 1st.

    bodyweight during the week I float from 172-173 and on refeed days I hit close to 180. Goal is to reduce bodyfat to any degree and hold 173. Ideallly I want to hit 5%, I dont expect that to happen but maybe 7.5% on this stack than gointo sarms and IGFlr3 for 5% than its Test cyp time

    .............................. .............................. .............................. ............-

  2. any suggestions are welcome I will add comments every two days if someone wants a workout post I will do that as well.

  3. anyway off to do cardio, will check this thread tonight

  4. ****ed up the diet, It was my ladys birthday today, I forgot it so I had to take her to a nice place. she wanted greek food and there truly is no healthy option there, all greekfood is rich fatty and combined with simple carbs. So I was swindled. Tommorrow I will fast and do a ton of cardio post ghrp injections. tues is back and calves

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    Pics as promised, Itried to make them bigger, Couldnt figure it out, hence this massive text


  6. Skin flod says 10.5% this was about 13 days ago, I currently float between 9 and 9.5% depending on bloat, trying to get lower. frustration!

  7. Count me in!
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  8. One big supplement list to deal with.

    I haven't ran dermacrine, GHRP-6 of DAA so I can't offer any advice in terms of stacking lol.

    In for the Erase and AnaBeta action though!
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    One big supplement list to deal with.

    I haven't ran dermacrine, GHRP-6 of DAA so I can't offer any advice in terms of stacking lol.

    In for the Erase and AnaBeta action though!

    Yeah, I do ghrp6 breakfast post workout meal and before bed meals, the first 7 weeks I cut the hunger was sointense I had to do 3 large meals and supplement with bcaas in between meals, enough to get 3grams of leucine. that schedule realy helped me with fat loss, I lost 8 pounds in 15 days when I did that. Lately been getting 5 meals and I have really been stuck around 9-10%.

    Dermacrine I put on around 7pm with post workout meal DMSO applied 20 min before, no shirt till nine pm. That when I take anabeta and erase as well all with post workout meal.

    I dont convert dhea to test well, though the first two weeks I used a product sample pack called perform and I felt it really helped, wen I stopped my libido tanked until erase.
    Of course anabeta first meal and sometimes in my dextrose workout shake and with a snack. I try not t take any sort of t booster close to bed because Im acne prone and they seem to make my skin oily as I awake.

    DAA has always seemed like a total waiste to me, on the good side though testforce 2 taste like crystal light thats mega expensive.

    forgot to mention I use yohimbe preworkout with gplc

    Enough jibber, time to get my stair step on, sorry for the long messages, just trying to be detailed

  10. GHRP-6 make you raging hungry?
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    GHRP-6 make you raging hungry?
    At first it did, like horrible, in the first week I attempted fasted cardio with it. I could not do it, I left the gym to hit a grocery store. It felt like I hadnt eaten in days, like hunger that would make you snatch food out of someones grasp. But over time I dont have that issue anymore, I assume its like a side effct and threfore sides are not constant nor the same for everyone. I have been on ghrp6 for 5 months now, I still cant handle fasted cardio. The hunger now is more like after the meal, I want more but very easy to manage, I can feel the hunger increase just slightly 20 min post injection.

  12. a little late to the party, but in
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  13. Don't be hard on yourself, it is only two days after it started!
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  14. So today was a good workout I used the big beyond belief workout because fst7 just felt bad, had that overtrained feeling where the gym felt like a chore inead of a pleasure. Really liked todays workout, better pump than usual. No matter what style I do I take each rep to the maximum extended point and lift with mike mentzers tempo, no weight throwing period. I really made great gains on HST and BBB is similar. The Big beyond belief book isnt very specific on the split outline. Todays excercises were bodyweight pullups 4 sets of 13, Im horrible at pullups I really want back width so I stray away from dead lift. Than dumbell press slow, noshaking but til failure. Than straight into decline dumbell curls, I always make sure not to curl high enough that front delts are used, and finished with standing calf press. I tried to pick moves with the most neuromuscular action or anymove that moves he body through space.

    sie note aggression was up today, its funny but bad, the higher my test is stimulated the meaner I get to ladies. I really wanted to call a girl kankle at the gym that thejuiceheads were talking to, loud enough that they would here it and realize there hitting on a girl that I want to feed dog food to.

    Could also be the arguement with my parents that had me in a bad mood. One of them owes me something and is welching on it, because I could hurt myself on it and it would be there fault. Hint hint, a muscle building liquid

  15. haha reminds be of Andrews aggression from AnaBeta
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  16. ps I meant to say I curl so that the front deltoid is not used will report tommorrows workout.

  17. so for Pes reps, I dont have workout pockets in my gym shorts so can I take anabeta during my workout by empying the capsule into my dextrose and whey shake

  18. why not take it an hour before you workout then again right when you get home?
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  19. With R1 on this. Just take it an hour pre workout. Also, if you're taking anything like krill oil/fish oil or something else for joints, I'd say give Erase a try at 4 caps. I personally love it at 4-5 caps, but it makes the bottle go faster so find a sweet spot you can live with.

  20. So I actually did R1 suggestion on dosing anabeta, worked out well I suppose, people just bring up the GDA action of anabeta so I thought it might go well with the dextrose. I took it pre workout meal post and snack meal, one more dose meal tonight. As for erase I think I will try 4 on off days to minimize joint cracking and 3 on training days. Todays muscles worked were deltoid,tri,quad and calves. Notes I dont consider myself weak on the millitary nor strong but I do consider myself maybe one of 10 in the whole gym who refuses to end up doing an incline press, I hate seeing peoples back come off the seat even a inch. Did 125-15-13-13 Than did rope pushdowns 55-15 50-14 50-13 squat 230-15x3- thats balls to the ground with a pause, my squat has gotten weaker since going from 197 to 173 but oh well. Than standing calve raises I pause at the very bottom for a stretch like dc calls for and the top like mike mentzer calls for, got 160-14x3.

  21. Today I ran out of pre workout and yohimbe, so I really got to test out the pump action solo of anabeta, and it was on par with any preworkout, but the pump lasted the full 120 sec rest between sets and into cardio, and I noticed a large increase in hunger when I was training. This is my endurance week ramp 1 13-15 rep range. tommorrow is a off day but cardio will be done, I weighed 174 today but took a big poo when I got home from the gym so probably still holding 173 as planned. I plan to not let myself drop below 172, I will just increase cals by 50 a day once I fall below 173 and 100 a week after if my weight hasn't held. Really trying to find my recomp cal allotment. Been on the cheap until sept starts so I bought the bogo of scifit dark energy at netrition, should be here in a day.

  22. Out of curiosity, I just got my check anyone ever try concrete creatine, DJM at primordial always recomends it, I have never felt any difference in workouts from creatine in multiple forms except magnesium chelate. I once counted how much I pee when taking creatine, 14 times in two hours post workout. I assume it kept me hydrated but no strength increase to care about. I have try micronized mono from dymatixe, bulk crepure, krealk and magnesium chelate which is nice but expensive, I ordered it and stupid sports nutrion online sent me SNS CEE which is worthless

  23. Man I want ECA as my pre workout, to bad you can possibly fail drug tests for it, after sep 1 I will be probably near finished anabeta and hitting ostarine Eca pre workout and maybe androlean, maybe! that company makes me mad with comparing there products to some number mg of testosterone. Especially when someone goes on a forum and asks what happens if they take 300mg of test a week, everones response is get more thats worthless, but they can market the hell out of the lbm you will gain from dermacrine which equals 150mg of test and you will get shredded from androlean at 91mg. Thank pes for not saying this is on par with test

  24. There were a couple of mentions from different users of this being equivalent or better to a mild PH run of theirs.

    It isn't sensible for us to use that as marketing. We would prefer to be honest and transparent. That way when someone uses it they know what to expect and are pleased when they get it rather than buying it only because we compared it to HDrol leaving more chance of them feeling disappointed.

    We want guys like you to be happy customers 1) because it works and 2) because we don't advertise to you as if you are gullible.

  25. good to hear, used 4 caps of erase today since my elbows arent used in my workout sometimes they crack bad so I will use 4 on off days and days where legs are more the focus. I sort of have a 3d feeling and hunger keeps going up especially during exercise despite have a 600 cal meal a hour 15mn pre workout. Side note I like 4 caps a day at that point its one of those supplements you actually feel working despite a snap crackle pop or two. Workout tomorrow, will report back.


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