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    The ingredients that work in Alpha-T2 are the MS and Yohimbine, not the T2. T2 has no effect on TSH because it doesn't work. 3,5 however, does have valid research behind it. Also this talk of suppressing thyroid is nonsense. Suppression from 3,5 will be minimal at best, and even then studies indicate the thyroid will recover quickly.
    I could not disagree more. I have used both, and found little to no response from 3,5. While on the same diet, 3,3 was far more effective. ALos, please do not tell me that it was the other ingredients in AT2, as I saw much of the results from Shift.

    Now let me say this, I think the beauty of this discussion is that it can be subjective. What works for some does not necessarily work as well on others. That right there is the beauty of genetics.

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  2. AE has valid points and I suspect that the timing of your dosing could have interfered with achieving maximum results. Because T2 is such a small measurable dose (micrograms), it's best to be taken without food or drink besides water because it will bind to those things leaving you with nothing absorbed since it is processed with the food/drink. T2 is an excellent product, has that extra kick than shift but you can definitely FEEL the T2.
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