To the point...

  1. To the point...

    Ok sorry guys but I want to know why all the changes with Levi?
    When this first came out it had my top choice and highest recommendation for a stimulant/fat burner until now.
    I just want to know because after this bottle runs out I don't think I'm getting one again, just wanted to be honest, I'm not bashing it because I still think it's a good product but just doesn't hold a candle to what it used to.

    Any reasons for the changes?

  2. I recently called Palo Alto in regards to the change they made with Anabolic Edge and first the representative told me that they don't make that products and after a bit of discussion and a talk with his supervisor the rep said he was told that the changes wont be disclosed but that "they were for the better," also he stated that the company no longer will be making sports nutrition supplements and sticking to male enhancement products only which I thought was very odd.
    Hope this helps to give you an idea of the path that Palo Alto is taking.

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