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    Let’s face it. Your body hates extra muscle. While muscle is required for function, mobility, strength, and protection, it takes an awful amount of time and energy to build and maintain real muscle mass. In order to boost muscle mass, the body requires more protein and sleep and it has to strengthen the joints, ligaments and tendons, it also takes 100 calories each day to maintain one pound of muscle. Compare that to the body’s favorite tissue: fat, the most dense source of stored energy and a reserve fuel tank for the body in time of crisis. The body loves fat; it’s easy to store, easy to maintain, and one pound of fat is 3500 extra calories for a rainy day.

    Your body’s main goal is to maintain homeostasis (stability) throughout the day. When the body is stressed or influenced by external stimuli, it immediately releases hormones to counter the stressor or stimuli and bounce back to its optimal state of stability. But it’s impossible to pack on muscle without swaying the balance away from the norm and into the Anabolic zone. In order to keep growing in size and strength, its imperative that you maintain the Anabolic zone, but all it takes is a bad day in the gym or a hiccup in your diet to swing your body out of the Anabolic zone and into catabolism, the state in which your body will actually break-down and consume your valued muscle tissue for energy.

    Illegal steroids are so successful thanks to their ability to lock you into the Anabolic zone, leaving you with clothes-tearing gains and a massive surge in strength. But for those who don’t want to risk the side effects and legal concerns of steroids, what does it take to lock into the Anabolic zone? You need an ANABOLIC EDGE.

    Q. What is Anabolic Edge?

    Anabolic Edge is the world’s first athletic performance enhancing product designed to promote extreme muscle growth while greatly enhancing your body’s muscle endurance. Anabolic Edge can be used alone for extreme muscle building effects or used as part of your post pro-testosterone cycle support. Users of Anabolic Edge can expect to experience impressive gains in overall athletic endurance and anabolic activity resulting in dense, lean muscle growth.

    Q. What Does Anabolic Edge do?

    • Designed to rapidly increase ATP and Oxygen utilization
    • Increases Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance
    • Enhances your body’s ability for Aerobic & Anaerobic Recovery
    • Modulates estrogenic receptors while controlling Aromatase
    • Boosts Natural Testosterone Levels

    Q. What sets Anabolic Edge apart from all the other natural anabolics?

    Anabolic Edge works with your body to create the ultimate environment for maximum anabolic activity, enhanced energy and performance (without the use of stimulants), and increased oxygen utilization to help fuel your muscle and growth. Anabolic Edge’s anti-aromatase properties help to ensure that your testosterone production is utilized to the fullest extent without losing excess testosterone to estrogen conversion. The only way to pack on lean, dense muscle is to alter your body’s state of homeostasis towards a constant state of anabolism, thus allowing your muscles to consistently grow in size and strength rather than being broken down as a source of energy for the body.

    Q. What is in Anabolic Edge?

    Supplement Facts:

    Serving Size: 2 Tablets
    Servings Per Container: 60

    Proprietary Blend 1586 mg †
    Cordyceps Sinensis 8% Cordycepic Acid 0.4% Adenosine
    Resveratrol yielding 98% Trans Resveratrol
    Rhodiola Rosea. Ext 4% Rosavins
    Agaricus Bisporus Extract
    Ophiopogon Root

    Q. How do I take Anabolic Edge?

    For males under 200lbs:
    For best results, take 2 tablets, 2 times per day. For best results, maintain use of Anabolic Edge for 4 to 8 weeks.

    For males over 200lbs:

    For best results, take 3 tablets, 2 times per day. For best results, maintain use of Anabolic Edge for 4 to 8 weeks.

    Ingredient Science:

    Cordyceps Sinensis 8% Cordycepic Acid 0.4% Adenosine

    Cordyceps Sinesis is a natural mushroom extract that has been utilized as a natural tonic in China for thousands of years. In addition to its potent antioxidant attributes, research has shown Cordyceps to be beneficial for the vascular system and it demonstrates vasodilating effects. Through antioxidant properties and the ability to increase the ratio of T-cells within the body, Cordyceps are a very effective immune system booster.

    Cordyceps also help to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a high-energy molecule that is the natural energy-bank of our life. ATP acts almost like a battery as it is able to be stored until it is needed. ATP is also vital in promoting refreshing sleep. Caffeine and other stimulants have the ability to neutralize ATP’s ability to be utilized in the body, leaving you with poor sleep quality and a lack of energy without the constant use of stimulants.

    Several studies with mice have shown that when Cordyceps are ingested in an extremely low oxygen environment, they were able to utilize oxygen more efficiently and live 2-3 times longer than a control group.

    Resveratrol yielding 98% Trans Resveratrol

    Reservatrol is a compound that is largely found in the skins of red grapes and has been touted as the explanation for the “French Paradox” – the low incidence of heart disease among the French despite the consumption of a high-fat diet. Resveratrol has exceptional antioxidant properties to ward off free-radicals and other cellular scavengers that cause damage and early-aging.

    Resveratrol has potent anti-aromatase properties that limit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. When the body increases testosterone beyond its requirements, some testosterone is converted into estrogen. While this may bepart of the body’s homeostasis cycle, extra estrogen is the last thing that a body-builder needs when trying to remain in an anabolic state. While preventing the aromatase of testosterone to estrogen, Resveratrol will also help to naturally increase your testosterone levels without the damaging shut-down associated with pro-hormones and steroids.

    Rhodiola Rosea. Ext 4% Rosavins:

    Rhodiola Rosea is a known adaptogen, which means that it has the ability to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, biological, and physical stressors. Adaptogens are extremely effective for bodybuilders thanks to their ability to act as a stimulant in times of stress while not disturbing bodily function at a normal level. This means that Rhodiola Rosea will aid in energy, endurance, and strength when needed, but it will remain inactive without demand. While caffeine and other stimulants can cause anxiety and a jittery feeling when taken in large doses at rest, Rhodiola Rosea will only react proportionally to the body’s demand for energy.

    Studies have shown that Rhodiola Rosea has significant improvements for individuals under stress, but the greatest benefits are in regards to improvements in physical fitness, mental fatigue, and neuromotor functions. Rhodiola rosea’s effects on nervous system function are mainly attributed to its ability to optimize serotonin and dopamine levels and release of opioid endorphins. Since Rhodiola Rosea stimulating properties do not up-regulate A1/A2 receptors, it will not lead to Adrenal Fatigue or other burn-out symptoms as would caffeine and similar stimulants. In fact, Rhodiola Rosea is part of recommended treatment for persons dealing with Adrenal Fatigue and other fatigue syndromes.

    Further research shows that Rhodiola can improve endurance exercise while also producing mild antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. Rhodiola Rosea also boasts claims of increased immune function, improved health, and has been shown to increase life span in some animal tests. Due to its ability to greatly reduce oxidative stress, Rhodiola Rosea compliments any workout by reducing the oxidative stress and free-radical build-up after a heavy workout.


    Sulbutiamine is a precursor to thiamine, a vital B-Vitamin that is essential for neural function and carbohydrate metabolism. In the medical field, Sulbutiamine is often used to treat persons suffering from symptoms of physical weakness and loss of strength.

    As a nootropic, Sulbutiamine helps aid cognitive function by boosting brain performance, concentration, and alertness.

    Sulbutiamine is able to cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively than B1 because of its lipophilic properties (ability to dissolve in fats).This allows a more effective response and Sulbutiamine’s ability to have a greater effect in cognitive performance and reducing fatigue in comparison to B1. Much of Sulbutiamine’s energetic effects are due to its ability to increase Thiamine triphosphate, resulting in a greater instance of cell energy metabolism.

    Agaricus Bisporus Extract

    Agaricus Bisporus is a mushroom extract that has been shown to inhibit aromatase and therefore, reduce testosterone conversion to estrogen.
    more info coming shortly


    Procyanadin is a polyphenol, powerful antioxidant, that is plentiful in grape seeds. These molecules increase fatty acid breakdown and influence glucose use in fat cells. In addition, polphenols influence SIRT1, which are able to signal certain proteins in response to energy demand and use.

    Procyandin plays a major role in promoting heart health and it’s also a potent antioxidant. While some researchers believe Procyandin’s benefits trump that of Resveratrol, Procyandin has been found to raise good cholesterol, minimize blood clots, promote heart-tissue health, and limit sources for hardening the arteries.

    One of the greatest advantages of Procyandin is the fact that its highly bioavailable, allowing easy absorption and the ability for your body to utilize the majority of the ingredient. Procyadin has also been shown to be a potent anti-aromatase constituent, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen while promoting an anabolic environment.

    Procyanadin can also play a role in the down-regulation of glucocorticoid receptors, reducing Cortisol. Since Cortisol is one of the most catabolic hormones in the human body and it disables the effects of insulin, this reduction allows more effective use of insulin, the most anabolic hormone.

    Procyanadin is essential in creating an Anabolic state for its ability to neutralize free-radicals, decrease glucocorticoid activity, and contribute to an overall increase in heart-health and general health.

    Ophiopogon Root

    Ophiopogon root is a Chinese herb that has long been used for its medicinal properties. For centuries, this natural plant has been used to relieve annoyance, irritation, or insomnia; increase oxygen utilization and heart efficiency, and aids with overall health of the stomach and intestines. Pharmacological findings show that Ophiopogon Root actually helps promote healthy blood sugar, increase oxygen usage in low atmospheric conditions, inhibit growth by antimicrobial actions, and increases immunology by increasing the immune system.

    Due to increased oxygen utilization and aid in clearing the lungs from mucus and enabling higher oxygen saturation, Ophiopogon Root can help increase physical output through greater oxygen saturation. This will help increase physical output, decrease fatigue, and promote greater physical endurance.





  2. I refuse to buy this product, as you have a Canadian on your staff...wait.

  3. We're everwhyere. Just surrender already and you can be our 11th province

  4. Nice! Rhodiola Rosea is one of my favourite herbs. Is the Rhodiola Rosea in Anabolic Edge also standardized for 1% Salidrosides? I expected 3% Rosavins and 1% Salidrosides.

  5. This looks like an awesome product. I can wait to try this.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by slow-mun View Post
    This looks like an awesome product. I can wait to try this.
    Sol, who the fcuk is that in your avy?

    Resveratrol yielding 98% Trans Resveratrol-

  7. Looks great guys! Can't wait to give it a run in the future.

  8. Looks great PAL!!! id love to try it but probably wont no money in the supp fundage..

  9. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Nice! Rhodiola Rosea is one of my favourite herbs. Is the Rhodiola Rosea in Anabolic Edge also standardized for 1% Salidrosides? I expected 3% Rosavins and 1% Salidrosides.
    x2... RR is one of my FAVORITE ingredients... its got a ton of great benefits

    I am fairly certain its 4%/1%, but i will check into this later. 4% is a GREAT extract

    Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    Looks great PAL!!! id love to try it but probably wont no money in the supp fundage..
    We are going to do a TON of sponsored logs and Freebies for the senior members of the forum... I know money's tight for a lot of us... but leave it to NP to make everything affordable

  10. how much will the price be after the sale?

  11. 10% discount at the moment.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Palo Alto Labs View Post

    We are going to do a TON of sponsored logs and Freebies for the senior members of the forum... I know money's tight for a lot of us... but leave it to NP to make everything affordable
    im a senior member and i would log it! haha. sounds exciting. much props, looks like the wait for your new product is going to be well worth it.

  13. Presale will probably end at some point later in the week. Get your orders in soon!

  14. Looks like a very solid product. Good to see something new from PAL, since they have always impressed.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by nightfly71 View Post
    Looks like a very solid product. Good to see something new from PAL, since they have always impressed.
    thanks bruv!


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