ok so i am a little over a month removed from a great test cycle....did proper post cycle therapy and all that jazz so spare me that haha.

i put on realistically about 10-12 pounds of good clean muscle and am feeling great.

but i know recently the availability of gear has gone away so i am turning to OTC

i need some good stack advice for fat burning and getting shredded.... hell i don't mind if its a pro hormone or what but as long as i can get my hands on it legally I'll be happy cuz i don't have the time to jump through hoops before the summer.

I do have some Nolvadex left over so i do have PCT if needed but i doubt i will need it....

i just wanna know some good supps/stacks or any tips or tricks to aid in getting shredded for the summer

6'0'' and around 200 0r so... maybe 18-22%bf (not sure i know i am not ripped though lol
good diet but am transitioning from mass building to fat burning... so i'll take hints there too
i was a Marine so discipline is not an issue lol and my training schedule is great... although i am primarily on a mass lifting routine and am open to any suggestions as far as that is concerned

PLEASE tell me id there is any ifo you need and lemme know if i need to work on posting, i am half retarded when it comes to typing so i try and keep it short but if i am not doing a good job i would like to know haha