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    I have searched and read every thread on the subject on this forum before I have posted this, so if I ask anything thats been covered its because I didn't follow what was said fully.

    Now from what I can tell EDIT:!!!! accutane seems to be in powder form? also it doesnt list how many doses it has. If anyone could help me out w/ that info and if they've used it and how it worked compared to a prescribed version I'd be much obliged.

    I want to do a lower dose to not hurt my liver, I am a broke independent college student w/o insurance so it isnt an option for me to go to a derm.. or I would. I have just enough $$ to pay for a place to live and afford my food.

    Now if I did do this accutane I read its good to do 20-30mg of it spread over 2 times on a 12 hr period. I didnt get a good idea of how long to do it for on what I read if anyone can clarify how long I should do it to get rid of acne forever I'd appreciate it.

    I am natural and don't plan on getting on the juice anytime soon so would this in anyway imped my gains? I have been making great gains in strength and size w/ just high doses of BCAAs and don't want to ruin it, but my acne REALLY bothers me and the benzol peroxide I've used is too annoying for met o apply and really bothers my skin.

    Thank you very much.

  2. If it's anything like the Roche version don't take anymore than 1mg/kg bodyweight, really you should aim for 0.5mg/kg bodyweight.

    It's known not to help with chest/back/shoulder acne, it is very effective on facial acne however...

    For dosing, take all of your daily dose at the same time with a meal that has a decent to fair amount of fat in it to help absorption. Accutane (I believe) is dependant on constant dosing over a reletively long peroid of time (4-6 months), that is unless your acne isn't severe in which case I'd either dose low for a short peroid of time or even better would be not to use it peroid.

    It could very well make gaining diffucult, I myself lost size and got fat while on it so use it with caution...

  3. Its in liquid form and dosed at 20mg/ml.

    Z, not sure where you read about accutane only helping with facial acne. Ive used it while on cycle to combat acne on my back and shoulders and its worked great.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by idunk42
    Its in liquid form and dosed at 20mg/ml.

    Z, not sure where you read about accutane only helping with facial acne. Ive used it while on cycle to combat acne on my back and shoulders and its worked great.
    I've read feedback and experienced it myself, not all of what I read suggested that it works only for the face but from what I've read and what I experienced it doesn't seem to help consistantly with bad back/shoulder acne. It could entirely be down to the dosing/duration though.

  5. Gotcha man. Im sure eveyrone is different on dosages and how severe it is, as well as what other compounds may be taken as well.

  6. Yep, thanks for understanding.

    The only thing left to say I guess is good luck with it brokebacks, be sure to take care of yourself while on it.

  7. I was on roche accutance and i had some cystic acne on my back when i was younger and they went. I think the dose was 20mg if i remember correctly. Only thing thats sucked is how dried out I got from it. Chapped lips, flaking skin,dry eyes,dry nose. Somethings still bother me till this day I still tend to have dry flaky skin. Oh and i use to be able to get a tan now I just get burned in the sun. This was about 4-5 months of treatment.

  8. i'm on accutane now i dose prolly about 50mg a day and will be on it till around march. so far so good really dried out tho. and jus so you know
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  9. thanks for the replies guys

    so I take it you WILL lose size while on it? that sucks. My acne is not bad, its mild but if I can be honest here benzol peroxyide takes WAY to long to apply. I read on and I honestly do not have the patience to apply it lightly and take about an 2 hours out of each day to do the prep work and apply it.

    If their isn't an issue w/ losing size for most people who have used it and the only issues are depression/dry skin/lips/eyes I'm willing to take that risk, I just do not want to risk losing size or strength because I am making strides.

    EDIT: Not the right forum and also the rules need to be read, especially this part. "IBE still has the full endorsement of AM but as of now the only thing that can be dicsussed here is IBE's supplement line."


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