25% off IronFlex Diabolix!

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    25% off IronFlex Diabolix!

    25% off IronFlex Diabolix

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    Save 25% with code DIABOLIX25

    Get yours here

    Legal supplements have historically not quite measured up to black market compounds - until now. IronFlex is proud to introduce you to the most powerful tool in your anabolic arsenal: Diabolix Diabolix scores over other designer precursors in several important ways: -It's likely to be less androgenic than M1,4ADD, and effective at lower doses. -M1,4ADD may convert to potentially estrogenic 1- and 4-methyl estradiol derivatives. -Diabolix's 3-hydrazone is hydrolyzed extremely efficiently in the acidic environment of the stomach. Diabolix utilizes exclusive 3-hydrazone technology to create the best pro-anabolic profile available.
    Athletix Representative; Use the code Driven for 10% off at athletixsports.com
    Orbit Nutrition Representative; Use the code SOCIAL for 10% off at Orbit
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  2. looks like a pretty smooth compoud, we shall see.
    doing my own thang!

  3. Thank you

  4. Get it while it's stupid cheap, AM - we have a lot of brotherly love w/ Ironflex over at Orbit, for good reason: they make great stuff, & have great customer service.
    Orbit Supplements Rep
    Coupon code ORBITV2 for 10% off your order at the brand new Orbitsupplements.com

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BlumpkinKing View Post
    Thank you
    this is ur supplement?
    doing my own thang!


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