t-force for pct

  1. t-force for pct

    I saw an older thread on this but I was hoping for some more info. There's another supplement (not sure if its ok to say the name) but it has Fadogia in it and its advertised and used by many for PCT. Since t-force has the same active ingredient, would this product do the same? T-force pretty much mimics LH to drive the leydig cells, right?

  2. I have never recommended Fadogia use for PCT.

    Reason being is in the rodent study (one of them), it hints at Fadogia hindering the recovery of leydig cells when used at high dosages or for prolonged periods of time.

    Now the study also hints at the rodents would have fuller recovered if they were not killed and dissected when they were. However, I do not feel it is prudent to take chances with your health when your body is in a depleted state, such as PCT. IMO, companies recommending Fadogia use during PCT is a bit irresponsible.

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