Mixing Testosterone-E and Deca for a subcutaneous injection?

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    IM injects for test/aas: 23g 1.5" for glutes, 25g 1" for delts & outer quads (vastus lateralis)
    sub-q for peptides / hcg
    Unless you're full of scar tissue. I always pin with a 20ga and love it. Haven't used a 23ga in about 18 months.

  2. hell why dont u just go ahead and use the old preloadeded sust 250 darts from mexico lol theyre a real pain in the arse!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by abs322 View Post
    hell why dont u just go ahead and use the old preloadeded sust 250 darts from mexico lol theyre a real pain in the arse!!
    Ha!... I wouldn't touch Sustanon if it were the only AAS left on earth... probably.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Audiomaker

    Quoting myself here above...

    Ok, I tracked down the YouTube video of Dr.Chrisler doing SubQ injections and all I have to say is...wow!

    While I found the reasons why pinching the fat is less than optimal, more importantly I found a video that will make my girlfriend instantly STFU about me taking test' injections! This guy looks better than I have ever looked....and I've looked pretty good at times.

    I have a new hero.

    Thanks for the info'
    can you send me a link to that video? i want my gf to stfu about steroids too

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    can you send me a link to that video? i want my gf to stfu about steroids too

    add the http & www youtube.com/watch?v=n98LOFQwUGA&feature=yo utu.be

  6. thanks bud

  7. Sorry for not getting back to this post, but I'm not getting email notifications of thread updates.

    Well alot of discussion on SQ test injections, and I did get 1 "yay" on mixing test and deca, but I was really wondering if about what happens when pinning Deca (mixed with test) SQ.

    The whole SQ thing is getting a lot of talk, but I don't see many people discussing pinning Deca...or EQ...or other oil based injectables SQ.

    All the Best

  8. from the UGII :

    Steroids are designed to be injected into the muscle so that the drug will dissipate from
    the injection site at a timed, determined rate. If you inject an oil based steroid into a slab
    of fat, it will take longer (sometimes months) to dissipate from the injection site.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DetroitHammer View Post
    Ha!... I wouldn't touch Sustanon if it were the only AAS left on earth... probably.

    just frontload and go every 3rd day, levels should be stable. once the esters are removed test is test.... i would use legit organon sus over any UG

  10. I am another person succesfully doing TRT Sub-Q method and personally I like 25G.

    Before switching to Sub-Q I researched much and in summary found:
    1. Sub-Q is NOT recommended for short esters or no ester.
    2. Sub-Q is recommended for long esters like C or E, with actual medical tests to prove it.

    According to convention if we inject oil-based anabolic steroids into the fat layer beneath the skin and above the muscle (subcutaneous) it will impair absorption and could delay dissapation of drugs for many weeks or months. New research conducted at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Canada at the endocrine clinic tested the viability of subcutaneous shots.

    The study involved 22 patients who were using the clinic for testosterone replacement therapy. The anabolic steroid used was testosterone enanthate. The subjects were instructed to self-administer their testosterone subcutaneously once per week. The same 1ml that would have been injected once every 2 weeks was divided up into .5ml weekly injections. Blood tests which were conducted periodically throughout the 1 year investigation were suprisingly and unquestionably consistent. For exactly 100% of patients enrolled, testosterone levels remained in the physiological (normal) range for the entire duration of the study. This included both peak and trough levels (high & low during each week). Furthermore injections were extremely well tolerated. Each patient took over 50 injections and not one single adverse reactionn was noticed at the injection site.

    The investigation concluded that not only was subcutaneous testosterone enanthate a viable option as far as drug release , but it was safe, cheap and far more comfortable for their patients compared to intramuscular injections.
    Saudi Med J, 2006 Dec;27(12):1843-6 courtesty of W. Llewellyn


    M.B. Greenspan, C.M. Chang
    Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, McMaster University,
    Hamilton, ON, Canada
    Objectives: The preferred technique of androgen replacement
    has been intramuscular (IM) testosterone, but wide
    variations in testosterone levels are often seen. Subcutaneous
    (SC) testosterone injection is a novel approach; however,
    its physiological effects are unclear. We therefore investigated
    the sustainability of stable testosterone levels using
    SC therapy. Patients and methods: Between May and
    September 2005, we conducted a small pilot study involving
    10 male patients with symptomatic late-onset hypogonadism.
    Every patient had been stable on TE 200 mg IM for
    41 year. Patients were instructed to self-inject with
    testosterone enanthate (TE) 100 mg SC (DELATESTRYL
    200 mg/cc, Theramed Corp, Canada) into the anterior
    abdomen once weekly. Some patients were down-titrated
    to 50 mg based on their total testosterone (T) at 4 weeks.
    Informed consent was obtained as SC testosterone administration
    is not officially approved by Health Canada. T
    levels were measured before and 24 hours after injection
    during weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4, and 96 hours after injection
    in week 6 and 8. At week 12, PSA, CBC, and T levels
    were measured however; the week 12 data are still being
    collected. Results: Prior to initiation of SC therapy, T
    was 19.14+3.48 nmol/l, hemoglobin 15.8+1.3 g/dl, hematocrit
    0.47+0.02, and PSA 1.05+0.65 ng/ml. During
    the first 4 weeks, there was a steady increase in
    pre-injection T from 19.14+3.48 to 23.89+9.15 nmol/l
    (p0.1). However, after 8 weeks the post-injection T
    (25.77+7.67 nmol/l) remained similar to that of week 1
    (27.46+12.91 nmol/l). Patients tolerated this therapy with
    no adverse effects. Conclusions: A once-week SC injection
    of 50–100 mg of TE appears to achieve sustainable and
    stable levels of physiological T. This technique offers
    fewer physician visits and the use of smaller quantity of
    medication, thus lower costs. However, the long term
    clinical and physiological effects of this therapy need further

  11. Although Sub-Q is well know in the TRT area, perhaps the reason some body builders are not as aware is because the goals many times are different?
    i.e. On TRT extra time to achieve smooth and stable typically is not an issue. Where as some body builders want to get in and out quick, even at the expense of some stability, and can sometimes compensate, such as using an AI. Not putting down either method, just high-lighting some outside of the box thoughts.

  12. and where is one going to dissipate a bodybuilding regiment of up to 6+ ml/wk of gear & oil sq for 10-12 wks?

  13. Good point! TRT typically pins about 1ml and a typical body builder cycle pins much more. 1g of test can be 5ml and that is just the base.

  14. Same places diabetics do.

  15. My "advisors" (local long term body building friends) have instructed me to take the test' IM.
    They have also suggested that I can mix the test' and the deca in the same tube and do IM pins.

    yea just do that

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sinister View Post
    Same places diabetics do.
    ahh we going for the Fat Bastard look Name:  fatbastard.jpg
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