damn im alergic to my test E

  1. damn im alergic to my test E

    Been taking test cyp for about 5 weeks now and decided for the second bottle to run test e and they are both from the same company(sciroxx)After the first day the site felt a little more pain then usual and I figured it would just go away and then by day 3 the pain was still there and up till last night it finally went away.I was on anadrol also but the water puffiness is only around the area I pinned and now its red and I have spread a few red spots in that area also.I made the mistake and figured all would be ok and freaking injected 500mgs on the stuff.I can live with the swelling and extra 2-3 days of pain but is it ok to still use it if you are getting a reaction to it?I don't want to toss a full bottle away but I might have to.

  2. If you were allergic to it, I feel your reaction would be far more exaggerated.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

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    If you were allergic to it, I feel your reaction would be far more exaggerated.
    Well I'm not a baby about it lol and figured it might be okay to use it but I just got another test cyp bottle and injected 1.5 ccs on my other side. My whole leg is puffed up and holding water all around the test e site but the pain is gone but it's swollen and red all around the area.

    From what I seen people post online this is exactly what they said when they had an allergic reaction to the oil used to mix test e.

    I've always used test cyp and this is my first time running test e so I'm not sure if I want to chance taking another shot of the test equipment bottle.

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