test e infection or bad injection?

  1. test e infection or bad injection?

    Hey I injected for the 7th time monday in thigh 1cc i alternate thursdays and monday. But still today, thursday the area is slight pinkish very inflamed and a tad warm due to the inflamation i assume and ithas a hard lump in one area (not near injection site). I do NOT have a fever im at 97. The pinkish area is the size of about two palms so pretty damn big, the pain has gone down since day one as well. I dont think it is an infection but I could be wrong. I am considering stopping the cycle due to to much stress because of this. I am going to order some antibiotics online just in case too. I was thinking this is a oil abscess. Any thoughts or experiences would help.

  2. I've never had this in my thigh, but it's happened to me twice with glute injections. It sucks.

    I was concerned as well, but I never really had any site fever. I would massage the area while taking a HOT shower, and I would use a heating pad twice a day which seemed to help dissipate the swelling.

    Hit up the Advil, and if it's peace of mind you're after go with the antibiotics. I'm NOT a doctor, just speaking from experience.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  3. Any chance you could post pictures of it? Seems like assessment would be easier that way rather than a description.

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