Questions about preventing tren-**** (using dopamine agonist)

  1. Questions about preventing tren-**** (using dopamine agonist)

    Well, a month from now I'm going to begin my long pre-contest recomposition diet/cycle. I know most people advocate bulk and cuts, but I believe I have the genetics and the ectomorphic ability to pull off a recomp, its just going to take a bit longer than the standard 10-12wks.

    Currently @ 196lbs, 11.5% BF (7pt caliper). 5' 7''
    Strength is pretty decent, I can rep 255 5x5 on bench, squat 455 3x. DL 500lbs.

    Goal is to get down to <7% BF in a 20 week cycle, while maintaining the top of my weight class at 196-198lbs!

    Options I've considered:
    Test-C 600mg/wk 1-20
    Havoc Kickstart 60mg 1-5wk, Anavar 12-20 60mg


    Test-C 600mg/week 1-20, Havoc Kick 60mg 1-5wk, (LOW DOSE) Tren ACETATE 12-20, 37.5mgED
    -Preloading Pramipoxele and using .25mg a-dex EOD

    I'm just extremely paranoid about tren from reading all of the tren-**** horror storries, and anxiety/loss of appetite stuff. But some people have increased appetite and increased libido

    SO, obviously the tren is going to blow anavar out of the water, and is much cheaper, and is simply the god hormone for recomposition.

    My questions are:
    -If i'm using acetate, how quickly will the prolactin sides dissappear if If I do experience tren-****?
    -Just how badly does tren affect your mind? Is it the BP that causes the anxiety or does it actually mess with your serotonin/GABA like EQ?

    I CANNOT stress how much I do not want tren-****. Libido is a huge thing for me, I cannot go without my d*ck makes me go insane without having a libido.

  2. this is a good thread...
    however do you have anxiety or disorder.
    are you on antidepressants?
    I was on meds for anxiety and aas at the sametime. ( not because of aas)
    and it worked out well.
    however I can't say cause never been in tren, but you make a good choice with tren ace.
    everybody is different, you might not get that anxiety feeling. it's all about the chemical imbalance and working out, sports etc... should make it better. at least that what my psychatrist told me and over came my disorder and med free for months now after 2 years of being on krazy pills....
    if you logging I will follow cause I got a friend who is going to start tren and test.....

  3. My experience with tren has been great. My appetite is always good on it. I use 75mg a day or even used 100mg eod. I did not ever have anxiety. My bp was up a little but easily controlled by diet. For most people, test is a must while on tren. I have never used without it and the test keeps the libido in check. I would worry about anxiety if you are predisposed to it. If not I think you will be fine. I think tren works wonders for me. Lean gains excellent strength and improved appetite. If you are going to have bad sides, you should notice them pretty fast and can go off. Now I also have a friend who uses tren alone for months at a time with no libido problems. I wasn't willing to find out if it would do the same. If u don't have any anxiety or depression I would go for it at that low of a dose, and with a good amount of test you should be fine. I bet you could double that dose of tren if and when you feel comfortable with it.

  4. I have experienced a few test tren cycles. Actually I am now. I do not have anxiety, but I do prami because I get itchy sometimes. The prami and an AI seem to keep it in check. IMO test and tren are excellent when at reasonable levels. The test is required to prevent loss of libido. Libido does take a 2 week vacation during Pct for me. IMO well worth it.

  5. caber .25mg every three days.. Thats a safe dose.

  6. Hi guys don't mean to high jack threads or anything but I posted in a previous thread that i was going to go on winstrol and Test e or 14 weeks, i had wrote that i was starting it on the 1st December but didn't even because Ive been sick this whole month i cant seem to shake this cold but Ive been doing some thinking and sorting out exercise routines etc and have thought about running tren ace along with the test e.
    I was going to run 50mg win ed and 500mg test e per week 250 at start and end, now im in two minds to just ditch the winstrol and take some tren to since looking about this site a lot of guys have really motivated me so im going to set my gains higher. Anyway after reading this thread i to am bit freaked out now lol if im running 500mg of test e how much tren ace would you guys recommend taking. im also running ghrp6 right through and would it be possible to still run winstrol along with the test and tren

    thanks in advance everyone and sorry monster box


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