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  1. I reuse draw needles.
    I dont reuse injects though.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ammoarsenal View Post
    for my test e cycle i will be using a 23 gauge needle to inject and a 20 gauge to draw. anybody ever reuse draw needles?
    I always use fresh equipment with every pinning session.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PhilipG View Post
    I use needles three times each. then i get a new needle and the older one becomes my draw needle. just wipe that **** with alcohol son and if you swell up dont poke for a few days till it goes down.
    LMFAO your a funny man!

  4. 3 is way too much.
    I did it once when I first started.
    The winny backed up in my 25gauge, so I pressed hard to unclog it and shot a good .4 in half a second which hurt like hell...finished the CC, removed it and a streak of blood rolled down.

    Learned my lesson really quick.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ryaroberts View Post
    i was thinking one inch in the glute. i do not have much fat in that area and i was just gonna pin all the way through. with 1.5 you dont need to go all the way in right?
    If your going glutes, go all the way in, it's hard to hold the needle steady and inject without moving the needle in and out, which could possibly hit a vein. In the quads however it's easier to hold the needle 3/4 the way in without it moving too much.
    Quote Originally Posted by madds87 View Post
    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    we are aas users, not heroine addicts
    I have actually heard of some Heroin addicts using Steroids in order to maintain body mass. The Steroids make them eat more and they stay healthier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prometherion View Post
    What's it cost per needle? Like.. nothing? No need to ever re-use
    You can get 'Fit-Packs' over here in Oz which are free I think, they just give them out to anyone. Otherwise a good chemist over here will do you 100 needles for $10AU or $20AU

  7. Never have reused any pins. Their so cheap its almost like putting a plastic bag over my head to rebreath air, why do it?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by icon0561 View Post
    Never have reused any pins. Their so cheap its almost like putting a plastic bag over my head to rebreath air, why do it?
    i like the analogy lol

    be safe not cheap

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  9. i used to reuse draw needles...used to keep it in alchohol until next pin. stopped doing it though just because it feels dirty...never any health issues... just a pain...also as for anyone talking about wiping it off..u cant wipe off whats inside.

    i stopped using large gauge draw needles as reason to do that much damage to the stopper, and it sucks when some of that rubber gets in ur oil.

    i draw with a fresh 25 gauge everytime. yes its alot slower then a 20 gauge but keeps the stopper from looking like swiss chees


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