Test Ace vs. Test Prop?

  1. Test Ace vs. Test Prop?

    I know test is test, but how does test ace compare to prop? Is it just as fast acting or faster? Never really see anybody cycling with it, thought there might be a reason for that.

  2. just a slighty shorter ester, u can still get away with EOD pins with it

  3. everyday pin for optimal gains.

    50-75mg ED

    its a tad shorter ester.

  4. Yes, pin ed for maximal stability... EOD is okay though.

    while test may be test, propionate has more test less ester per mg than acetate. So prop is mg for mg more actual testosterone, the difference is only marginal between prop and acetate. But much bigger between prop and cypionate.

    For example:

    100mg test suspension (no ester)=100mg actual testosterone
    100mg test prop= 87mg actual testosterone 13mg ester

    the longer the ester. the bigger the ester weight per mg

  5. Prop comes with injection pain for almost everyone too. Ace is supposed to be a lot more smooth.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
    Prop comes with injection pain for almost everyone too. Ace is supposed to be a lot more smooth.
    Pain only last 2-3 weeks max for me. Then I get used to it and it doesn't hurt anymore.

  7. i was using test ace. i really liked it. i pinned 100mgs eod. 100mgs seems to be where a slight injection pain came, but nothing major, or anything that really caused a bother. ace just has a shorter ester.


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