In search of chemical wisdom....

  1. In search of chemical wisdom....

    Hello everybody out there! Excuse my bad language skills i live abroad.

    I have read for more hours than i can count about steoids, peptides and so on, but havent come to a final conclusion about whats right or wrong.

    I hope to get honest answers from knowledged people in this subject.

    My goal is to go as far as i can natural and maybe i will never start using anything, but if i choose to do so i would like to know what to expect.

    Can gains above natural max limit be hold or do you have to keep cycling
    to keep the gains? If someone do say 2 cycles will it benifit him or is there a risk that it will only be negative. Beacuse the own endocrine system will never me the same again and therefor the "natural" max limit will just be lower than it where before doing steroids. When the steroid induced gains have eventually dissapeard?

    If i would be satisfaid with only a little extra edge maybe peptides could be a better choice for me. Like Igf-1 r3 and maybe add in pegmgf.

    But i dont know what to think, some people say itīs good other say itīs crap.
    Does it work or not?

    Is there something that could put on a couple of pounds of muscles beyond what can be done natural. And can be keept longterm.

    When it comes to peptides i have a voice in my head saying that i ve maybe read somewhere, that peptides can satured your muscle cells and that it can be very difficult to gain any muscles after cycling peptides.
    Does peptides supress hgh release, if so, is some sort of pct needed to be used?

    Thanks on beforehand

  2. I say run peptides if you're already running hormones as well, or to bridge hormones... they are NOT going to add any serious size on you

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