Junk Food Last Night

  1. Junk Food Last Night

    Question...I'm 5'11 190 ... I have been eating around 2500 cal/day @ 40/20/20 ...well at least coming pretty close to that...eating really clean....I'm pretty new...I guess I am in a clean bulk....or that's my goal anyway..although I know I should be eating another 500 cals/day...I really don't want to put on fat though b/c I just lost it all (down from 252lbs)...anyway...my real question is this...last night after I ate supper at work I broke down and had a mini binge on some candy...I ate 2 regular size candy cars and handful of hershey's kisses....I have been eating really clean lately and not really cheating at all....anyway...this morning I had the best workout i've had in a while! I got up and ate my normal breakfast of 1 whole egg, 2 whites, and 1 cup steel cut oats with a banana and a scoop of whey but I had way more energy than usual...and I didn't even have any coffee this morning...normally I eat a cup of 1% cottage cheese before bed...I guess the real question is should I be eating some carbs before bed? I'm assuming the extra carbs/sugar from the candy last night gave me the boost this morning....any suggestions?

  2. Are you on a low carb diet? The candy definitely increased some glycogen stores but it also revived you mentally and on a hormonal level. You can certainly add in some carbs before bed and see how you respond, but the effects you felt today were probably more attributable to the "break" from the strict diet.

  3. It could of even been the fat, if your intake is below 30grams a day I would say so.

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