PWO Puzzle

  1. PWO Puzzle

    Alright, so I know there's approximately a million articles on proper PWO nutrition, but not many of them tell you specifically what to put in them. In any case, I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for my personal situation. According to what I've read, I should be getting about 30 g/protein and 60 g/carbs immediately after my workout. So far, I've been getting the protein from whey and 30 of the carbs from Carnation Instant Breakfast Mix. Problem is, I don't know what else to add - since the CIB already has 20g sugar, I'd rather not just blend in fruit, since that's a ton of sugar and it would just be fructose anyway.

    I've heard of people tossing oatmeal in their PWO (I have some Quaker Instant), but I thought that slowed digestion, which is the opposite of what I want. I've considered milk, but I know casein is slow digesting as well. So what should I do? I've got some Life and Kashi Cereal I could mix in, I've got crushed tomatoes, I've got pretzels - basically, what simple carb should I add in to avoid the insane amount of sugar? Or should I just suck it up?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by an obviously confused college student. Thanks.

  2. If you wanna go the food route, white rice, white bagels, bananas, etc would be good choices. Instant Breakfast is absolute garbage. Some other tasty options would be cream of rice, cream of wheat, and some fruits are cool like raisins, dates, figs. Cinnamon raisin cream of wheat made with skim milk eaten after your whey would be a good tasty option. Just tossing out some ideas here.

    Chocolate skim milk is actually a fairly solid food choice PWO if you only wanted to use one thing.

    P.S.- there's no such thing as a simple carb that isn't sugar. And no fruit is all fructose...they're usually around half.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by soundcheck129 View Post
    I've heard of people tossing oatmeal in their PWO (I have some Quaker Instant), but I thought that slowed digestion, which is the opposite of what I want.
    Oatmeal (or most any other whole food starch source) will be superior to a high GI processed junk food carb like maltodextrin 99 times out of 100. Processed carbs come up lacking in micronutrition (and no you cannot just take a multivitamin to make up for it).

    If you are fasting for long periods before training then some argument can be made for processed energy sources. However if you are serious enough about training to pay attention to PWO nutrition you shouldnt be fasting before training in the first place.

  4. you can easily toss in some milk and oatmeal man, don't worry you will be fine even though they don't digest extremely fast. Personally right now i eat a whole food meal as soon as i get back from the gym(~15 minutes after leaving)
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