Please Help Dazilla with Nutrition Stage

  1. Please Help Dazilla with Nutrition Stage

    I want to thank everybody for their help with supplement selection of my plan....

    I need a little help with my Nutrition Stage which is the most important and the hardest for me to nail down..

    I've been cutting or attempting to cut for the last 6 months are so... I never really tried to Recomp/Lean Bulk before.

    My body is so funny, I'm an endo...
    I was thinking of Carb Cycling because I respond quickly to carbs and my body adapts fast... So think changing every couple weeks would be good. But really open to opinions on diet to follow..

    About me
    I think I'm an extreme ENDO
    198 LBS

    Thanks in advance... oh.. I'm really not a fan of oatmeal straight up

  2. There is no right answer, everyone is different and has different preferences.

    Post up your diet that you plan to use and we can go from there.

  3. Yeah... let me see what i can come up with

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