all nighter diet.

  1. all nighter diet.

    im currently pulling one on a semi-cut. any suggestions. i usually taper my carbs at the end of the day, but my brain just died so i had a nice little oatmeal, pb, honey, protein powder concoction. should i just continue to eat about every 3 hrs with some low gi carbs to keep me goin or what?

  2. And you are wanting to stay up? Yes, I would keep eating every 3 hours if you want to stay up, otherwise sleep is REALLY important on a Cut.

  3. I would not get up in the middle of the night to eat meals unless that made me look like Dexter

  4. I suppose you should keep eating as though you were going through your typical day, though I'm not sure how you should adjust that macro-wise.

  5. I had to stay up the whole night because I knew if I fell asleep I would never wake up in time. Try to actully cook and prepare some beans with a spicy chilli sauce!

    After you eat you can even kill some time in the bathroom after all those beans

  6. if you aren't dieting for a show and its just one night .. don't worry about it ... eat carbs if you are feeling tired .. one night isn't going to hurt you


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