Accurate grams of Protein

  1. Accurate grams of Protein

    I don't want to get to complicated, so I hope I make this clear. I believe it is assumed (or proved) that to gain muscle tissue during repair one requires 1.5 - 2 g of protein per lb of body weight. Why is that?

    If I work out my legs and have torn all the muscle fibers in them and wanted them to repair and to grow, why would I need 480 g of protein for this (I weight 240 lbs)? The muscles in my legs do not weigh 240 lbs, and I am not taking in account my bone mass and fat.

    Is the assumption then that I will need the protein to repair the rest of my body as I continue to workout other body groups during the week? I'm asking b/c I find it extremely hard to eat 480 g of protein each day. Not mentioning how expensive it is as well. I am lucky to get 300 g. Since I am not using protein as a fuel source and soley for repair, is it completely accurate that I require 2 g per lbm while trying to gain mass? I've seen other posts on the subject but mostly just in regards to intake quantity and when to take protein. Is it then per lbm of lean muscle tissue? In which case if at 17% fat at 240lbs I would need 398 g instead of 480 g of protein?

  2. Yes, ideally you should be using your lbm to determine your reqs.

    The rest is the subject of ongoing debate. Do a search and you'll find numerous threads on the subject.

    In a nutshell, protein intake beyond a certain point will largely be used as fuel. However the body uses the different macros differently; this may affect the gains you make (leaner with protein).

    Personally I'm a less protein guy: 1 g/lb on a cut and 1.5 on maintenance/lean bulk (about 30% of cals).

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