Gluten intolerance

  1. Gluten intolerance

    Sort of self diagnosed myself with this problem after noticing that everytime I ate wheat bread I was coming up with some severe stomach problems. Not to mention the associated acne type of problems as well. I've never had any problems with wheat or gluten before.

    I've looked up a few things on symptoms and such but does anyone know of some good gluten free products I can try without having to resort to buying expensive breads that taste like butt ?

    Also, anyone else have this problem and have anything to add?

  2. welcome to the club. I have recently come to the same conclusion.

    as for products to use. I really like quinoia, there's a bobs' mills gf cereal (like oatmeal) that is pretty damn good, just flavor to taste.

    I dont use much breads anymore anyways....but I know a lot of people with wheat issues are fine with spelt breads. Fortunately for me I have a Great Harvest bakery right near by which has amazingly healthy and good tasting breads when I do get the urge.

    Darkangel over at is pretty knowledgeable on this stuff. Also, she mentioned to check out's forums. I just started looking there for food ideas and symptom lists.

    What exactly are you feeling?

  3. Boating that comes up like small burps and my swallowing timing seems to go off(i know strange symptom but best I can explain), smelly stools that change to diarrhea and queezy. Only after I eat bread and for the remainder of the day pretty much. My bloodwork came back with some deficiencies that makes sense with the malabsorbtion this can cause because my diet is pretty damn clean that covers all the necissary food groups.

  4. yuuuuuuup.lactose and gluten intolerant here.i believe quite a few ppl are one or the either if not both.they just get used to feeling subpar and think its normal i guess cuz they dont know anything else.
    i get a bread from the local health food store called ezekiel DOES have wheat in it but it is made up entirely of the sprouted whole makes a difference in how they are digested and even talks of this on the label of t he digests quite well for me.whereas if i was to eat whole grain bread with wehat in it that wasnt sprouted like this,id be feelin like ass in so many ways.
    i know it can not only affect your body but also your mind and your grandmother is gluten sensititive real bad and gets all.....wacked out when she eats she avoids it

    as far as may seem daunting at first but its not a problem once u look.just check at the local health food stores and they also have mail order places u could check out after searching the net.just go around trying different products and remember what u like and what u dont.

  5. Thanks, I know what you mean jugger, I think a lot of my other problems are all tied into this one issue.

  6. I am allergic to Gluten too Jay, But I still eat wheat bread, I think mine doesnt have any in it. Some people have it worse than others though.

  7. Jay, are you type O blood type?

  8. interesting..... I am too. I don't know if I'm gluten intolerant, but I balloon out if I eat a lot of wheat/gluten... I recently read a bit of the Blood Type Diet and it said that us type O's don't really do well with grains/gluten...

    I flourish on a meat/fat heavy diet.

  9. Damn man, all I know is this just started happening this year. It's ****in miserable.

  10. ubi i read that book as well.and actually adhered to the diet for my blood type .this was years ago.felt alot better.but i think it was just general good diet info.i cut out dairy which always bothered me and wheat as much as possible which ive always been sensitive to.didnt really have much if anything to do with blood type.and i think the 'science' of the blood type diet turned out to be not so solid.
    i think its VITAL for ppl to pay attention to food sensitivities and would be wise to get a good blood test done for food allergies.

  11. I agree completely Juggs.

  12. i talked to a doctor about stomach problems and he said gluten intolerance (or celiac) usually occurs in people of irish descent. not only that, changes in hormones may induce the intolerance to gluten. i read an article about a lady who ate wheat all her life. then she got pregnant. then her body stopped absorbing nutrients because the gluten got in the way. and all the doctors thought she was anorexic (all 10 of them). but she got better when she got rid of the gluten products so there is light at the end of the tunnel!!


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