Healthy dishes at P.F. Chang's

  1. Healthy dishes at P.F. Chang's

    Like a lot of people, I like chinese food. The problem, of course, is that most chinese restaurants use too much oil, MSG, and among other things. But I found that there are some very healthy dishes at P.F. Chang's (the national "upscale" chain). Just order a regular dish (e.g., kung pao chicken) and tell them to make it "stock velvet". This means they'll cook it with chicken stock rather than douse it all in oil. Some of these dishes can be found on their "training menu" and, if not, you can ask them to stock velvet anything. From what I recall, the kung pao chicken, stock velvet, has some 80 grams of protein. Get it with brown rice, and you're golden.


  2. PF Changs is damn delicious! I recommend you guys check out Pick up Stix for something much more inexpensive.

  3. Dude, Thanks for the tip. I love Chinese food as well and for sure PF Changs is Hella Good. I will begin trying this everywhere I eat Chinese food.

  4. The same thing also goes for Pei Wei about the chicken stock instead of oil, since its by the same people as PF Changs.

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