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  1. surf/sun lifestyle

    I used to go to the beach often, in fact I'd spend all my free time there as I live only 30-40 minutes from some beautiful coastal stretches. I was also in my early 20's at the time. Life got in the way and I took a long hiatus(10 years) from the surf/sun lifestyle to a more conventional modern lifestyle which involved spending much more time indoors. This year (now 32) I started hitting up the surf again and spending a ton of time in the sun. I've got to say it's not only made me a much happier person but I feel energetic like I did when I was in my early 20's. Libido is sky high, I sleep much better after a dip in the ocean and I'm progressing faster in the gym. The most noticeable thing is though my bodyfat is falling off despite no dietary changes. Perhaps it's the nostalgia but i wonder if there's something more to it.

    Having read of studies in which testosterone levels are found to increase several fold through skin exposure to sunlight and also cooling the testicles ala the vikings method for ten minutes under a cold shower to boosts levels not to mention wearing loose fitting clothes allowing for better testicular function. Thinking about it a little I concluded that jumping into a cold ocean, sun baking and walking around in board shorts sounds like it covers all these suggested remedies to boosting test levels naturally. Is a surf/sun lifestyle all that is needed to keep us feeling virile and healthy?

  2. Too much sun is bad for your skin. I went to Hilton Head Island SC this summer for seven days and got hours upon hours over many days and burnt too much. I put sunscreen on fast and missed some spots and sometimes didnt at all. When youre going out or longer than 30 minutes its best to put sunscreen on your whole body.

    Now I take doxycycline which causes sensitivity t sunlight so I have to watch it a bit more. I love going outside and getting ten minutes of sun in my back yard. Sometimes I love just laying out and relaxing longer, say thirty minutes. When I do this I put spf 50 face sunscreen on not my body though because ive done this like one time in the past two weeks so if its like once a week or every other week, thats a bit different, then the sun and surf lifestyle where its hours everyday. .

  3. Hey mate, yeah you're right it's probably worth mentioning everything in moderation or there'll be a bunch of guys in the ER from toasting their testes for 8 hours in direct sunlight. 20-30 mins is about my limit before I cover up. We have extremely high UVR in Southern Australia, infact without the montreal protocol brought in around 1987 to ban CFC's we'd likely have seen expansion of the ozone hole over Antarctica and seriously burnt to a crisp in summer.

  4. **** I miss the Australian sunshine and lifestyle. I grew up in Mackay, Queensland my dad worked out in the Mt Isa mines. Then my family moved home to Northern Ireland and all it does is rain here 90% of the time. Don't take the sunshine for granted mate it makes a hell of a lot of difference to how you feel. I dunno if you get it there but we have this thing that tons of people here get in the winter months due to lack of sunlight called Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD). I get it myself it makes you feel like complete crap and look sick AF.

    No doubt the surfing lifestyle would raise test levels as you're less stressed, getting fresh air and sun everyday plus you're being active. Seriously, living in a place that's dark in winter really makes you appreciate how much human beings need the sun, you drag yourself thru a miserable existence in winter just to get to spring when you feel normal again just to repeat the process all over again come late autumn.

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