Screwed Up Macros? Please Provide Feedback

  1. Screwed Up Macros? Please Provide Feedback

    Stats: Male 33 206 pounds
    Been doing what I thought was correct IF for 4 months and have lost a good bit of weight (15 pounds)
    Goals: Shred UP while keeping muscle

    What was I doing...Well my macros were as follows
    Work Out Day = 225 P / 150 C / 50 F
    Non Work Out Day = 225 P / 75-80 C / 80 F

    I calculated my macros just based on my weight when I started (225 pounds) and filled the rest in. When I used 1percentedge calculator it tells me I should be eating much more in carbs on my workout days...300 grams plus. This is based on a -30/-10 Split for fat loss.

    Don't get me wrong I am pleased that I have lost weight but I also feel like some of it has been muscle..I guess that's to be expected. My current problem areas are my lower abs and love handles..which I guess is the most common for men.

    I am considering starting to take Y-HCL + 200 mg Caffeine and Green Tea Extract

    Please tell me how I can fix my current strategy to achieve goals?

  2. 15 pounds in 4 months is great! Solid progress. If you've been tracking your calories and your current macros is working well for you, don't adjust because an online calc. said otherwise. Calculators are good to get a starting point, but since everyone is different they aren't very accurate. Are you still continuing to lose weight? And are you currently using any stimulants or thermogenic products?

    Y-hcl is a great supplement/ingredient to add in for fat loss. There's a TON of great info to be read about it on this forum, or from a google search. It's best used in a fasted state (preferably first thing in the morning) and incorporated with cardio. I would also recommend checking out alpha-yohimbine, which can give less side effects and is more effective at a lower dose when compared to y-hcl. A product like TA-2 Max would be a solid option for alpha-y
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  3. If you lost 15 lbs over a 4 month period, that's around a pound per week, which I believe is ideal for muscle retention and/or perm loss if thats your goal.

    I wouldn't get too caught up in being macros specific until single digit BF%.

    I personally think you did great and wouldn't make things harder than they actually are.

  4. Yea I have lost a good bit of weight but I'm just not seeing the progress - gets a little depressing. I am lighter no doubt and have maintained strength for most part. I just received a courtesy tub of radiate which I'll run and see. I tried 3/4 scoop and felt nothing different. That's after 15 mg of y-hcl in AM fasted. I'm considering making my eating window smaller in order to try out the radiate because I can't use it PWO since it'll break my fast. I typically start eating at noon (workout 10-1130 am fasted). I'm thinking about dosing radiate at noon for its appetite suppression properties to hold me over till 3-4 or however long it does that way I'll benefit from both ketosis and radiate. My Cals will bbe the same

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