Does anyone's partner/friend or so moan?

  1. Does anyone's partner/friend or so moan?

    My friend i live with always has a dig when i weigh out foods. I get. *Aww your obsessed* then buys a ton of chocolate or biscuits etc and always offers but i turn down 95% of the things and get *Aww too fattening? * is that just me that it annoys? I always say thiers a reason why im in good shape and better shape than you will be. Diet is key to it all. I do have days when i relax and eat the *junk* style foods. Even when i go to restaurants i always do Desserts etc but my diet is about 90% on point above that. I train weights 5x a week so i want the nutrition to match that.

    What do use get off of people? Remarks ' Comments etc.

    Any advice?

  2. What? Are you making a statement of asking a question?

  3. Just asking a question. Just wondered if anyone gets this problem?

  4. Not what I thought this thread was gonna be about! Lmao

  5. My wife used to be that way now she just deals. I still get the ocasional you're always cooking or eating

  6. The title is definitely click bait... but now that i'm here. Yes I do get this a lot from the wife but once I tell her that I want to be i. A strict diet she understands and supports me.
    All my family learned a long time ago and are used to it. I started loosing weight by cutting all junk food out and jogging. Didn't get into lifting 'til later

  7. My wife is on my side after the initial resistance. The people who make it tough are my coworkers. Anytime someone buys donuts or candy, I have to reexplain my diet and then fight the "C'Mon. One won't hurt you!"
    "It's the human condition to always lust, to always lust for more
    Searching in the dark, it's time to tame your wandering heart."

  8. Thought for sure this was either about orgasms or training partners who are loud in the gym. I've gotten crap from friends and exes, especially those who knew me before I started seriously training. I think it's fairly common and probably has a lot to do with their own guilt and issues.
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  9. Thanks folks. No not orgasms or any of the sort lol I hate getting picked at for the way i eat though! Its almost as if thier jealous of your physique. Im not gonna eat junk and end up in too big a surplus and end up gaining fat. Whats the point in weight lifting if its never gonna be seen?

  10. I think people feel like I'm judging them when I couldn't care less what they eat or do with their body. I started eating the way that I do in college because I developed some serious GI issues. It's not to shame somebody else.
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  11. Man it's life, people want to be on their level! The worst for me is work, they buy cakes once a week and I sit there and purposely eat a salad to p!ss them off! Love the classics "one won't hurt" "what the point if you can't enjoy yourself". I'm lucky at home, my partner studied nutrition so she gets it and a lot of my friends and family are supportive. I think some of it is jealousy of not having the will power.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Rad83 View Post
    Not what I thought this thread was gonna be about! Lmao
    Same lol

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Rad83 View Post
    Not what I thought this thread was gonna be about! Lmao
    Same! Hahaha


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