TDEE Question

  1. TDEE Question

    I recently lost a bunch of weight. I went from roughly ~25% bf to ~10% by eliminating junk food, running, and eating small meals. I just discovered TDEE, and I was wondering what I should put down for my activity level. I run (5 mph) on the treadmill 5-6x a week for 50 mins, and study for the rest of the day. Would I put down sedentary, lightly active, or moderately active? The sedentary TDEE just seems too low ~2000, compared to the moderately active ~2500. I'm 23 years old, 5'10 and 130 pounds. When I move for grad school next month, I'll begin lifting...I'm so pumped! I was also wondering if I can get to 145-150 pounds naturally.

  2. Start lifting now! Haha. But if you currently aren't training and weigh 130, it's very hard to gauge what your TDEE will be. If you're 23 years old and that lean to start, chances are you're an ectomorph and your TDEE may be slightly higher just due to your genetics. I would start tracking at 2500 and see what happens. Adding in weight training will change your maintenance, so stay consistent with 2500 for a few weeks and see how you respond
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