Heat stroke=less vascular

  1. Heat stroke=less vascular

    I tried to make the name of this thread as interesting as possible because I want everyone's insight.

    Here is the deal growing up I was always vascular and it seemed no matter how much fat I gained I had at least a few veins showing. I got big into weight training right out of high school and gained a bit of muscle around 160lbs at 10% or less body fat im 5' 9" btw and I had veins everywhere. Calfs legs biceps everywhere. Now I work as a contractor in Florida about last summer we were working on the beach installing flooring the water was shut off and I forgot my gallon jug. I didn't think much about it and began work I sweated my ass off eventually I started getting nausea and stopped sweating we decided we were done for the day and stopped by a restaurant, I had about 2 cups of water there and a few bites of food and ran to the bathroom throwing up this happened for about 2-3 days... I finally ended up in the hospital hooked to an iv after the day I went home.

    Now for my questions. Ever since this has happened I have no veins that pop threw the skin, you can see there their but they weren't like back in the day where they were pipelines lol currently I am 5'9 190lbs around 10ish maybe a lil more body fat. As you can see I have gained a lot of muscle since then, why aren't my veins popping? I have tried increasing my water currently around 1 gallon now, low sodium, high sodium, no carbs, high carbs. Does nothing.

    Do you think this has to do with the heat stroke and had some effect on my blood circulation/heart health? Keep in mind it's been a year and a few months since the incident.

    And for the smart asses out there no I'm not trying to be vascular like on bb forum lol I'm just wondering why it stopped all of a sudden lol

  2. I think from the increase in weight. Those 30 lbs could not have been all muscle unless you're cycling. People often lose vascularity as they gain weight

  3. I did do a cycle but I also was busting my ass in the gym I'm sure 30lbs wasn't pure muscle but I'm guessing 20ish pounds were.

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