5 weeks out, 1st physique competition

  1. 5 weeks out, 1st physique competition

    I need your help. I am 5 weeks out from my first physique show. Im currently at 9% bodyfat and weigh in at 185lbs 6 feet tall. I started keto on 3/30/2013 and was on it for 7 straight days and then did a refeed. My refeed consisted of a cheat meal. Lots of sweet potato fries a burger and some cereal. I'm back on keto since yesterday and i wanted to know if i should have anymore cheat meals from now till my competition? or only complete refeed days (carb up) if I should carb up should I eat complex and simple carbs or just complex and how much would I need. Thanks again hopefully you can help me with some of my questions

  2. Refeed meals are for hormonal benefits which are altered during hypocaloric and/or low carb diets i.e. leptin and thyroid.

    Raise carbohydrate intake whilst keeping fat levels minimal.

    Refeed when necessary i.e. fat loss has stalled, gym performance has decreased or your physique has started to look flat.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Hey bro, I'm goin to do the refeed in Friday and im planning on eating 400g's of carbs. Do you think that's too much or ok if I'm currently on keto. What foods would you recommend to eat?

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