Hey everyone, please feel free to critique!
New routine/nutrition to lose 40lbs.
Lift 5 days a week, hitting separate body parts.
6 days cardio (45 min)
Supplements: Bcaa, EC stack, Tyrosine, Creatine
M1: 1/2c oats, 6 egg whites.
M2: 1 can tuna in water, 1 or 2c broccoli. 1tbsp flaxseed oil
M3: 6 egg whites, 1c broccoli, 1/2c brown rice
M4: 3 oz chicken, 1c broccoli
M5: pwo shake- 1 sc protein w/ creatine.
M6: 1scoop protein or egg whites/tuna/chicken, 1c unsw. almond milk.

Female 5'3, 185lbs.
My main goal is to build/keep muscle mass while my bf% drops. Any thoughts about tyrosine? What to stack it with? Or is this amino acid a wait of money when it comes to aiding my fat loss goal.
Thanx much!!!