Best post workout meal in your opinion?

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    Favorite post WO meals:

    Chipotle Chicken Tacos with an orange I brought myself.

    Panda Express 3 entree (firecracker chicken, string bean chicken, black pepper chicken) with Veg side with a banana.

    6 eggs and 2 slices of real cheese and an apple.

    If I feel flat or was a little low on energy at the gym I supplement with a handful of sweetarts, gummy bears or hot tamales.

    Sorry to get so detailed, but I'm passionate about my diet regimen.
    Details are appreciated especially when they are many.

  2. Blend spinach, a serving of chia seeds, a banana, half cup blue berries, half cup black berries, a scoop of whey, and flax granola!!!! Works for me! Plenty of fiber natural sugars and enough protien to get you to a healthy meal.

  3. Haha and two cups of unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

  4. 2 scoops of protein and 2 cups of oatmeal.

  5. I like to think my set-up is pretty "complete":
    300g Sweet Potato
    200-300g Broccoli
    2-4 Whole Eggs
    1 cup Egg Whites
    100-200g Chicken Breast
    ~and tons of tomato, bellpepper, and spinach if its available, along with plenty of water

  6. I go with a super high sugar drink (pineapple juice, sprite and orange syrup) followed by a 50 gram protein shake in about 8 oz of water....maeks my insulin levels spike, the whey gets absorbed quickly, and because the whole thing is liquid and less than 32 oz Im starving in an hour and get an eat a huge real meal and get the calories in. Ive used this combo to great effect.

  7. I like a bowl of oatmeal (amount depends on if I have a low, med, high carb day), microwave it until there is a little water left, and add some protein powder with cinnamon. Then I'll eat another smaller carb meal 45-90 minutes later.
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  8. I like a fist full of sour patch kids then a protein shake after I get all the crap outa my teeth. Then a half hour or so later a natty PB multi grain samich and a banana on simple get it done days.

  9. Bcaa's within 5 mins post workout.

    Whey 30 mins postwar lout

    Banana, grapefruit, or orange juice with 5 egg omelet. 1-1 1/2 hours pwo

  10. banana/whey/dextrose post-WO
    1-1.5 hrs later, 3 servings of jasmine rice or organic redskin potatoes with some EV coconut oil + organic skinless/ boneless chicken thighs, lean grassfed beef or fish
    a few hours later, as much rice/ corn based cereal as you can stomach (fruity pebbles work well here) + 1.5 cups organic milk with whey and casein + an egg or 2 with some extra egg whites fried in EV coconut oil

    60% of the time, it works every time.

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    Best pw meal is a home cooked healthy one IMO

  12. What you mean by best?


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