In bad shape need help fast

  1. In bad shape need help fast

    Im in need of some help to get rid of the heaviness in my legs mostly but having very bad fatigue issues.
    Fatigue is almost always after meals but hits me before at times too.

    This has been going on for a very long time(years)it comes and goes and i feel alright for a few months at times.

    Im 36 been working out for a long time overtrained a few times but never got sick or anything,my strength is increasing alot now along with muscle mass.I eat 100%clean no cheats(even hoilidays)

    I've gained over 5lbs in last month or so but still maintaining a full 6-8pack(depending on salt intake)all though the day.,guessing im around 7%b/f.Im eating almost 3400cals and 2700-2800 on rest days.The weight gain was my goal(168 to 175)and im by no means a body builder just a country guy trying to get his passion/addiction fixed.

    My problem is the fatigue is so bad that im not able to work,but have no choice,cant be a bum nomore and have a interview "this"wednesday doing labor/forklift opperator postion.

    If anyone has any ideas whats going on please for the grace og god help me please!Im in perfect health other then this burden(no blood sugar issues ectt.

  2. Im also taking this week completly off from working out(2-3weeks of no training in 5 years)i thought about delaoding but i have a hard time with self control for this.My workouts i do are a typical body builder routine i just tweak them for my style of working out(drop sets,rest pause ect)and super set them so i can blow though a routine that should be for 2hours in a hour and 10-20min(post hiit)taking no rest just enough to catch breath(15-30seconds)i've been setting with say cheast press right to b/b bicep curls and back and forth and so on.

    Works very well for "me"as im packing on serious muscle size/strength lately.Always did complexes before with 2-3 main lifts first.

    Dont know if this helps any but im trying to lets you's all know what i've been doing/eating so on
    Macros are 300protein/330-340cho/85-95 fats on workout days,245/245/85 on rest days.

  3. 67Nova, any steroids or drug use? Are you allergic to any foods? Any medications? Any family loss or love lost? Depression?

  4. No drugs dont drink,not allergic to anything,no meds,only depression is from pouring my heart and soul into fixing this to no prevail.
    I pray my butt off for guideness and help,think im being taught a lession but its been taught already.Starting to lose faith,hope,ect...

    Seems i can get a few weeks of good(hard labor)on top of training then blow out for anywhere from a few weeks to months.
    Everything feels like a burden at times(normal daily activites)My sleep isnt the greatest but i am getting around 7hours and the fatigue seems to mostly be around 3-4pm(get up at 5am)bed at 10pm

  5. Go to your doctor and get a complete blood workup including hormone and lipid panel. Maybe that will shed some light.

  6. already did that awhile back,no issurance and dont have $2000for more tests to be done

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 67nova View Post
    already did that awhile back,no issurance and dont have $2000for more tests to be done
    You can get a hormone panel done for $50 without insurance and I think lipids is an additional $50. I personally haven't done this, but below is a thread with many who have.

    Cheap Bloodwork - How to Get It WITHOUT Insurance
    PEScience Representative

  8. You mentioned "country guy" in first post. Are you being exposed to insecticides or herbicides? Sorry I equate "country" to maybe farm or very rural area. Any crop dusting or helicopter spraying. Are the pipes in your house made of lead? Maybe heavy metal contamination. Did you take apart a car's catalytic converter? Heavy metal can cause depression and nerve issues.

  9. Oh and what about the protein or other supplements, maybe one of them is contaminated with something. Any of them made in China?

  10. I am a farm boy but i never had any issues like this until i started lifting (took a year or so)
    Like today i finally woke up feeling half way alive,and it lasted as i didnt do any kind of workout yesturday(did shovel driveway 2x)
    If im overtrained then why dont i get sick,lose strength,ect..only have heaviness in legs and fatigue and an old foot injury back.

    Limited caffine in morning to see if i was crashing at 3-4 doesnt seem to be that.Looks like all signs point to rest??


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