eggwhites international

  1. eggwhites international

    Anyone use these liquid eggwhites, i just ordered 2 half gallons any good recipe ideas?

  2. I have used them in the past. They are, at most, 5 minutes from my office.

    As for recipe's - add to shakes and/or make egg white omelets.

  3. Lol got that much i meant any particular recipes u loved i know they have several on they're site

  4. I used them for a few months. I used to mix the egg whites with powder quik. It was ok.

  5. Never used the those egg****es. I jus wake up five minutes early to crack a whole bunch of eggs..this is my favorite breakfast handsdown.. 1cup of oats, 1cup eggwhites, 4whole eggs, 1 1/2 cups of water. Blend it together in a blender then microwave for 8-9 minutes. Once its thick add 4 packets of stevia 1tbsp cinamon 1tbsp cocao and 2oz of low fat cream cheese. Its soo good i usually split it into two meals but macros for the whole thing are as follows:
    866 calories
    68g protein
    59g carbs
    39g fat

  6. Im sure you can just substitute the ingredient in any if your favorite recipes that call for eggs. Other than protein pancakes or waffles and breakfast of all styles, there really isnt much more creativeness to liquid egg whites. I bet it would be a good sub for a tasty quiche! And right in time for holidays!

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  7. EWI seems like a great company, I've always been satisfied with the product

  8. bought several times. good stuff


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