Good carb sources for a lean bulk?

  1. Good carb sources for a lean bulk?

    So, I want to try out a lean bulk. I have cutting down pretty good, I keep carbs low and protein high which works good for me. But when I try to lean bulk I need more carbs and I'm having a hard time finding healthy carb sources. What do the majority of you guys/ladies eat for carbs when you're trying to put on muscle but keep the bodyfat where it is at? Normally, when I try to lean bulk, I end up eating the same thing every time for carbs and I get burnt out and quit trying to lean bulk.

  2. Any recommendations?

  3. Whole grains.

    Oats,brown rice,macaroni,whole wheat bread,multigrain bread, yams, sweet potatoes, green veggies,..... Basically anything that's isn't cheap and processed from a factory.
    No white rice, white bread, cookies, all purpose flour,regular potatoes,twinkies,cupcakes,cho colates,.......

    You get my point

  4. To add to that beans, bran, cauliflower, berries, apples, nuts, tomatoes and other stuff.
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