20 year old low libido and well being

  1. 20 year old low libido and well being

    After my first two years in college I have noticed a significant decrease in my confidence and that is mainly because my sex drive is lower Than it was before. I have always had a hard time building muscle and my testosterone was 400 when I went to the doctor a couple months ago. My main question is......is this just a phase and will I get my sex drive back? It kills me sometimes because it was so much better a year ago. I need some input so hopefully u guys could help out, I would appreciate some serious answers. And if your wondering, yes I have seen a doctor and he said everything was okay. I'm also developed and have adult features so it's not like I have a deficiency. My sex drive is very on and off. Some days I feel like I'm fine and everything is normal but then it crashes a few days later. This has become a problem in my life that has me thinking about it constantly.

  2. Your still very young, at this age your testosterone should be increasing not declining.

    Find ways to increase your testosterone, either start working out, start eating a diet high in fat/protein,...

    there's many more out there but I'm a little tired to think right now. PM me of you like, I'll anwser tomorrow.
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  3. Yeah, you are young so this may not be a medical issue, esp. if your doctor doesnt think so. Increase fat intake, and, as Mr.Cooper would say, increase saturated fat intake.

    Mabe he might read this thread and give you more direct advice

  4. -start by drinking more water. Get a gallon jug and try to drink At least one gallon a day. That is the least remember.
    -check your diet. Eat healthy fresh foods.
    -try to go to sleep consistently at the same time everyday
    -get sunlight everyday. This should help you with energy and rest.
    -exercise everyday no matter what.
    -get a haircut you like, wash your clothes, fix acne if you got it
    -Talk to more peopled you are attracted to whether you are gay or straight.

    More than likely you are just in a mental funk.do things you like, talk to those who make you horny and enjoy yourself. There's a lot of people at school. If you feel a little weird just be true to yourself and your well being should improve.

  5. thanks for all the help guys but just one more thing....i got my test levels checked and they were 394...could this be the problem? im guessing not because last year my sex drive was blazing and i wouldn't think it could completely vanish within a year? i just want to know that i can have a steady sex drive in the future and have a girlfriend u know?

  6. 400 is pretty low. When you're that young, ideally, they should at least be in the 600-700 range. Doctors won't deem you as deficient unless if you're in the 200's (which is abysmal) but it definitely still seems like something is off.

  7. Testosterone and human growth hormone are vital hormones when it comes to building muscle, strength, fat loss and so on.
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  8. you think it could be some anxiety that is doing it.....i do notice that i get very anxious and have a lot of pressure on me

  9. You ever get checked out for hyperthyroidism? Symptoms can be fatigue and anxiety/depression which seem like it could be up your alley. Having lower testosterone definitely would make those worse.

  10. i specifically asked the Dr to check my thyroid and he said it was healthy and normal. Im very "healthy" looking anyway. I have a very lean/athletic build with normal facial hair and all. I also asked the doctor about me having low t levels and he said that I could be stressed or something and that it wasnt possible for a kid like me. He said it only occurs from serious injury or diabetes. Maybe it something mental for me.....

  11. Get a second opinion. If your doc is saying its not possible for something to happen just because of your age, then he's not looking at every possibility. When I broke my femur doctors wouldn't help me with the chronic pain years later because they said the break was impossible. I found the right doc and she solved the problem. Your doc may be right, but he might also be stuck on textbook possibilities and ignoring the real problem. Plus, a second opinion may alleviate some of your mental anxiety.

  12. Not trying to freak you out at all but your test levels seem low for your age, not pathetic, but not optimal. Just out of curiosity, do you drink slot or use any rec drugs? More than likely your going to over think this way too much, and youl make this situation worse for yourself. Again your t levels are average, be aggressive see another doc and hopefully your sex drive comes back. Have him check estrogen and cortisol as well as prolactin if possible. Youl be fine man, the guys on this board will take care of ya and help you out with as much info as possible. The key is not to panic and over think, trust me your problem is very solvable.

  13. yea thanks alot for the support i just mainly want to know if everything will go back to normal at some point......i dont think i need TRT or anything like that because about 2 years ago my sex drive was always strong and had tons of energy. i dont think testosterone could fall that quickly (from what i beleive its very gradual)

  14. i didnt know how to reply to all people in this but I just figured I would post this anyway. Im not sure when I started this thread but it was about a year and a half ago. Since then i have started to work out 4X a week and i have seen unreal changes in general quality of life and my body also. I have regained my libido fully and I have reached 190 at 10% bf. I can honestly accredit most of my success to heavy weightlifting and never throwing in the towel. I really hope someone sees this post that has the same problem that I did so I can give them some insight. The body needs to be pushed to its limit physically to function smoothly. You need to look at your self as a MAN. What we were created to be, not what we see today. Eat like a man, train like a man......and you will become a man.

  15. Truth is, we'd all love T in the 700-800 range, but we're not all that lucky.

    My T tested at 440 at the age of 22. Had I not seen that, I never would of known.

    I've been able to build muscle consistently through diet/training properly and never seem to have any issues related to low T.

    My advice, if you're truly concerned, keep looking into it. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. 400 is on the lower side, but still plenty high enough to live an athletic/masculine life.


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