Lactase Enzyme?

  1. Lactase Enzyme?

    Anyone had any sucess with this? Im moderately lactose intolerant. If i have regilar milk or like a chocalte shake about 2.5 hrs later my stomach eill hurt an i will e farting and have the runs mildly. Ifk if it causes bloat. I seem to always get bloat whenever i eat anything. So i have been drinking lactose free milk but its effing expensive. So im thinking of trying some Lactase Enzymes witj regualr milk? Do they work? Isnt Lavtose free milk just milk with the enzyme already in it?

  2. Also is bloating normal? Like no matter what i eat. When im done my stomach gets a little fatter. The more ineat the fatter it looks lol. Since ive been cutting the bloat isnt as significant as it used to be butbtill tere a bit

  3. lactose free milk has the lactose removed, there are pills called lactaid tho, that is your enzyme. Lactose is a sugar. Im lactose intolerent too but I still dont eat dairy products because you will get the stomach achs still and well the pills dont work for me since i have it pretty bad. The bloating is normal because if your lactose intolerant it causes inflammation in the intestine. Depending on how much dairy u eat. Un dairy relevant carbs can cause bloating and creatine.

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