Ultimate Diet 2.0 by Lyle Mcdonald

  1. Ultimate Diet 2.0 by Lyle Mcdonald

    Just wanted some of you guys' feedback, opinions, and experiences with this diet!

    I've read this book a couple of times now, along with incorporating the diet & full body work outs he recommends. I've enjoyed it and always feel like I get results. I feel like it's a more sure fire away to drop body fat, and I also enjoy the different types of dieting that are involved in the week (low carbs, carb loading, and maintenance all in one week), and also training the different fiber types.

    I know a couple bodybuilders who have incorporated this diet into their cutting cycle, yet they still isolated muscle groups each day. It worked for them, but they were also altering their body's "chemistry." This concept of muscle isolation days seems to go against the rapid glycogen depletion of all muscle groups towards the beginning of the week so you can start the fat burning process faster.

    I've just started another round of this diet for the next 8 weeks, and am now approaching the first 2 days with a little more focus on different muscle groups as compared to the recommended full body.

    My week looks like this now
    Mon: Chest/Back/Shoulders
    Tues: Legs/Arms
    Thurs: Full Body
    Sat: Full Body

    I'm also incorporating moderate & high reps into the first 2 days as I'm also trying to work on some sculpting as well as depletion.

    So like I said, Just wanted to hear from those who have also read the book and done the diet, and maybe different variations that have been utilized! Thanks!

  2. I'd do strictly just legs on Tuesday. Doing arms the day after Chest/Back/Shoulders is kind of overkill don't you think?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by broda View Post
    I'd do strictly just legs on Tuesday. Doing arms the day after Chest/Back/Shoulders is kind of overkill don't you think?
    If you look at the protocol in the book when doing the full body work outs Monday & Tuesday. You're only actually doing 2-4 sets total of each day Bi's & Tri's, so it's minimal work, purely for the purpose of depletion. I'm actually putting them with legs because I'd be in the gym too long on Monday! Plus I'll get arm work both days, and I always enjoy the pump.

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