Conments on my diet

  1. Conments on my diet

    I wanted to post my diet and workout program in order to get advice from everyone and see what y'all think. Thanks in advance to everyone

    Breakfast 8:45-9 four eggs
    Snack #1 11-11:30: banana, orange and some nuts at times with a low fat yoghurt
    Lunch 1-1:30: fish (either sardines, mackerel or tuna) with tons of green vegetables (lettuce, spinach, broccoli etc)
    Snack #2 and pre workout 4-4:30: 5-6 spoons of natural peanut butter with rice cake and fruit
    Post workout: protein shake
    Supper: a chicken/meat or fish based meal with tons of veggies again
    Pre bed: protein shake

    My current aim is to lose my belly and become very toned and somewhat bigger then I am now. Currently I weigh 79k and look somewhat built and I'm aiming for that strong six pack.
    I won't go into my weight training but for my cardio I run three times a week never more then half an hour doing intervals between running and sprinting. It is an intense cardio and I end up running up to seven kilometres in half hour.
    Now is there anything I should add or remove from my diet? Anything that would be adding more fat? I have no sugar, almost no carbs whatsoever, nothing artificial and I drink only water and rarely fruit juices not from concentrate.
    Is there anything you can advice me or just tell me what you think?

    I should add that on Saturdays I do cheat and tend to eat not whole grain breads, a few cakes etc

    Sincerely, osh

  2. I tried something simular but was not happy... I lost as much muscle as I did fat! I found that my body likes more carbs, and unless I eat them my muscle kinda fatens out. So what I am starting is a cycle of low and higher carb days, focas on fat burn for a day or 2 and then switch up to muscle build days. I tried this last 2 weeks, my muscle has stayed fuller then it was on running low carbs for two long, but I think I have to amp up the intensity to make this work.

  3. Thanks. From now I'll be lowering my cardio to just twice a week and adding small heathy carbs to my diet

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