Very High natrual levels of testorone

  1. Question Very High natrual levels of testorone

    I was not sure who or where to ask such questions, I thought the only place maybe a place where people use steriods and try to have high testorone levels. My issue is that I am having issues with weight loss around my stomache. I am not sure if it is water weight or fat. I drink about 12 glasses of water a day. I was feeling sort of down, low enegery, and out of it. So I went to the docotor to get my thyriod tested along with my teststerone levels which we both thought may have been low. Instead when I came back two weeks later for my results my doctor told me I should of not tested a day after the T-shot. I said I never had it done, he was so confused as I was. He had to check in with his nurse to make sure I did not recive anything. Well my total testosterone level was 290 ng/dl with the range being 14-76 and my free testosterone being 58.4 pg/ml with range 0.9-8.5, free testosterone was 2 with range of 0.5-1.9 . I was wondering too much maybe leading to me having a stomache bludge. I do carido medium intensity for about 45 minutes 6-7 days a week. I am 27 and 170 lbs. Any anwsers would be appericated.

  2. 290 total test. and 2 free test is all very low for a 27 yo man...

  3. you have low test, not high test... get a new doc
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  4. Jesus, who is this doctor?

    The level range I would say is between a 300 - 700 for a healthy male, what was he smoking?!
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  5. Well I looked at another lab I had done a well back and it was 600 ng/dL and now it's 290 ng/dL, but they are different labs. The older test gave a normal testoserone range as 241-827. It looks like the units of measurment are the same, so I am not sure what happened. Anyways, he thought something was wrong so he retested me to make sure it was not a fluke. I may have to go to a new doctor or use another lab.

  6. The lab needs to provide range along with the current values.

  7. wtf is testorone
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast
    wtf is testorone
    It's what my pits smell like right now! Mmmmmmmm smell my stink!


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