My carbcycling bout...please critique

  1. Cool My carbcycling bout...please critique

    4 day split(weight lifting portion)
    work out days high carb 250 to 500 above calorie maint
    rest days low carb(250 to 500 calories below maint)
    1 day of HIIT or jumprope added on a rest day
    Protein will be kept high and fats will be thrown in via olive oil (and the fish I will be eating)
    Using above plan will I have effective(Yes I know it's going to be slow but I'm not on a time crunch) fatloss while building muscle?
    Side question:Taking Ephedrine and Caffeine while on this plan....1 day on one day off*skipping EC while eating above maintenance) still be effective or is that unheard of?

    Thanks for your replies.

  2. HIIT and EC can be dangerous. Make sure you watch your heart rate.
    Xtreme Formulations Forum Rep

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SupremeMMA View Post
    HIIT and EC can be dangerous. Make sure you watch your heart rate.
    Allways.Hows the other stuff look?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pyrobatt View Post
    Allways.Hows the other stuff look?
    Looks fine. Try it for a while and see how it works for you. You might also want to try a pyramid approach (low carb, medium carb, high carb, medium carb, low carb, repeat... )
    Xtreme Formulations Forum Rep

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