Hey everyone,well i have no choice but to get a tooth pulled(infected now)had some pulled before so i know what i can and cant eat.
    Problem now though is i eat like a horse!(sorta)anyway i do eat really clean for my training,but knowing i cant have chicken,steak,pork and so on i already eat greek yogurt but cant eat 5c a day for atleast 2 days.

    I should be ok with eggs no almond butter,cant be sucking it out of my gums,diffently not blending up chicken in a blender(have my limits)
    just need to know if anybody has been though this with having to eat alot,or ideas????

    As for carbs dont think rice will work,but sweet potatoes,mybe pasta and mushy bran flakes will.

  2. That's a tough one bro...

  3. Tilapia grilled is soft and full of protien .. cottage cheese, lots of protien and easy to swallow .. oatmeal milk, instead of water adds protien and fat .. little extra and you can drink it .. ground turkey crumbles and cheese added to scrambled eggs/egg whites adds protien easy to swallow .. maybe get a weight gainer protien for a few days..

  4. You could whip up a protein pudding with instant pudding and protein powder. Get an Acorn squash, cut it in half and bake it for a few minutes til soft and slightly brown. Scoops out mushy and soo good. Bananas are great. I make tuna patties with a can of tuna fish an egg and Panko or Italian bread crumbs, mix it all together and bake or fry in a pan with some evoo. Less chewing than a hamburger but still requires a little. May be nice to have something with some substance after eatting mush for a while. Hope this helps some.

  5. The thing is its not only chewing its the tiny pieces of food thats the worse,i'll have a open hole when not having the patch in.(have to bite down on it for first day,the first day is going to have to be yogurt type foods nbut the next few is the healing time and really got to keep it clean or i'll get a dry socket

  6. Thanks,it does(anything will).I can deal with the yogurt/cottage cheese but not at every meal.Carbs are going to be alittle rough,only eat fruit around w/o's and don't think i can eat pasta to much(chewing)but the squash will work along with cooked to death carrots.

  7. gomad diet! how long b4 your able to eat solids again??


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