Gluten free for almost a month, whey protein question

  1. Gluten free for almost a month, whey protein question

    I've been going gluten free now for about a month, and so far so good. I've come to suspect a few years ago that I have a milk allergy and I tested that theory by drinking casien and cow's milk before bed and it the symptoms I had been noticing went through the roof. I've been off cow's milk for a while, but if i'm trying to avoid cow's milk and remain gluten free I should probably stay away from whey protein or could I go with a whey isolate?

  2. theres no gluten in milk........

  3. but if i'm allergic to milk, I can't have whey right?

  4. Have you also considered the lactose in milk products. If you have an intolerance to gluten you may already have a weaker digestive system. Some people have an intolerance to casein and/or lactose. If you are intolerant to casein I suggest having an omelette before bed. Whey isolate is only useful post training, no use before bed as its a quick absorbing protein.

  5. avoid the whey and use egg.



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