Decent dietary question

  1. Decent dietary question

    K. Don't tell me I'm the only one thinking it because you'd be a flat out liar..

    So all in all, I've changed the way I eat and exercise, haven't most of us? We like our shoulders, biceps, back, legs, but we hate our stomachs. Excersise would be a factor, yeah hanging leg raises, arnold crunches, decline sit ups, all that good stuff, PLUS cardio. A good question is, the guy in the picture in the news for this website for the "fat loss muscle gain" thing, I believe that's what it's called but I could be wrong. Regardless, it's fairly new, the guy has a sick set of abs but that's all the picture shows, his chest and abs and arms.

    What would be an example of diet, excersise, jogs that HE would do? I know we're all different and everyone carries their weight different, but he has a shredded core which many of us want. P.s I'm doing groceries this afternoon, so any lean foods you guys post that this guy would eat, I'll be buying this afternoon lol.

    Just for more info, I'm 160lbs, 6.7% body fat, and alot of my fat is stored in my core and my abs look not NEARLY EVEN CLOSE to his.

    This is the guy's abs I'm talking about

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  2. Bump for feedback

  3. If you are 5'11" at 160 6.7% BF and you don't have a midsection like the picture you posted you are either grossly underestimating your BF or you need to gain more muscle mass, plain and simple. Don't be worried right now about looking shredded like some advertisement on the side of a forum and compare yourself to them, use the mirror as your guide and make improvements from that. Changes come over a long period of time through hard work and committment to the staples of what you find works best for your body type. What someone may suggest to you may work for them, but might not necessarily get you the same results due to what you already mentioned about everyone having different body type and carrying weight differently.

  4. this guy is 5'11.5, 160, and 8% bodyfat

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    if you are actually 6.7%, you should be decently more defined than he is.

  5. setting that to the side, the answer is that the specific details of the diet aren't as critical as you may think. Advoiding high glycemic index and load carbs would help somewhat, and potentially doing intermittent or alternate day fasting could help. The critical part about diet in the really low bodyfat range is iron grip control on calories, and making changes regularly as necessary.



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