Im confused and need help...experienced peoples input

  1. Im confused and need help...experienced peoples input

    So i tryed to bulk and said screw it and decided i wanted to continue my quest in getting rid of more body fat first (I used to be 230lbs and am down to 149 since last april). I used my BMR and TDEE to get what i needed, however im getting conflicted answers on how to eat everyday. My total with TDEE is 2600 rounded up. Am i to eat that same amount to maintain even on REST days?? As of now i am doing 2200 cals on lift days (2 hour fullbody 3 days a week, i kill myself and always lift heavy pushing to do more and more weight everytime) and on non workout days i do 2000. Is that to little on a cut? Or should i be taking 2200 everyday? Someone help me cause i just wanna shed the little fat i got left so then i can bulk after im done. I would like to know this answer so later when i decide to bulk i know how to eat right daily because before i was eating 3300 on lift days (lifting same way i do now) and 2300 on rest days following the same schedule.

    Thoughts on what i should be doing...i dont want to waste my time screwing this up, ive come so far i dont want to ruin it =(. Thanks for taking the time to read, i hope someone can help!

  2. I'm not sure which direction to take with a response here.

    Part of me wonders how you are only 149 pounds and still have fat on you. Coming from 230 pounds this to me suggests you didn't diet quite right and lost a good amount of lbm as well.

    Well the OTHER part of me wants to tell you that it ain't even worth cutting while you are 149 pounds, you are going to have NOTHING to show once you get all the fat off of you that want off. Nobody is impressed by abs on a 130 pounder homie. Chicks don't dig it when it looks like they could take you

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